Modwright PH 9.0X Compared to a Pass Labs XP-15

I currently own the XP-15 and I have been considering moving to a 
tube phono preamp. The PH 9.0X has piqued my interest. I am 
wondering if anyone has heard these two preamps and can describe
the differences in presentation. I am not asking which is "better", just
wondering what changes I could expect if I put the Modwright in my system.

The Pass is a fine phono preamp, but with a SS integrated, I think a
tube phono would be a good move. I like the fact that the with the PH 9.0X
the controls are accessible from the front. The dip switches on the Pass
are somewhat inconvenient to reach.

The rest of my analog system is: Luxman L505uXII, Technics SL 1200G,
Hana SL, Shure V15 V-MR with Jico SAS, AT33 Mono and Harbeth SHL5 Plus




I haven't heard the XP15 but the Modwright 9 is excellent. It will add more dimensionality and "liquid-ness" to your system.

My system has a lot of similarities to yours.  I had a Modwright LS100 with the phono stage, but never used the phono stage, so I'm not sure how it sounded.  The LS100 is voiced pretty neutral, not "lush" like some tube units.  I would think the Modwright phono stage would have a similar character. 

If you can find one, get a Herron VTPH-2A.  I have the XP-15 and the VTPH-2A is on another level.  It's more quiet, has more detail and has great imaging.

I don't think you'd go wrong with the Modwright.  Dan is pretty approachable, reach out to him.

Yes, the VTPH-2A is also on my radar. The last one I saw
for sale belonged to Millercarbon. 

Nice System and great cartridge! I own the PH9.0X, solid build, dynamic, transparent, dead quiet and sensitive to tube rolling. Previously I owned the SPL Phonos which was also a great SS phono pre but the Modwright is light years ahead in terms of detail and resolution. You really cannot go wrong with the PH9.0x. except you might want to upgrade your cartridge ;-). I went from the Hana Sl to the Umami Red. OMG !

I've gone from an Xono, to the Herron VPTPH-2A, then for a very short time to the XP-15 before settling on the Pass XP-17. In my system, which is all Pass with a Spiral Groove front end and My Sonic cart, it is super duper nice.

I liked the Herron but it wasn't in any way better than the XP-17. It wasn't really close. In. My. System.

However, if I had a Herron pre and or those awesome mono blocks, it may be a different story.




I had my ph9.0 upgraded to the 9.0x. The 9.0 was excellent, especially with the right nos tube (Valvo or Philips miniwatt) and subjectively equal to my previous Parasound JC 3+ ss phono pre. The 9.0 X took it up quite a bit (bass authority and soundstage depth) and I can’t imagine it getting any better that this. Fantastic phono pre and every bit as quiet as the Parasound was, 

You are better off with the Pass. If you have the itch you would get far more milage

with a new cartridge like a Lyra Delos. Just ask rauliruegas. I think he will tell you pretty much the same thing

If you are considering the Modwright, have a look wt the Zesto Andros - its very musical, bit more free and open sounding than the Modwright. I have heard it hold its own against much more expensive phonos in the same system.

I actually purchased a used Zesto Andros PS2.

I am having an issue with excessive noise

with the volume at just 10:00 o'clock.

Am using the stock JJ tubes. I'm going

to connect it to my secondary system

to see if the noise persists.

Could be a cabling issue, bad tube or

defective unit.