Miller Carbon, Rm 7115 PNW AudioFest June 2023

Okay I have to stop by !!


It's not just millercarbon who was an issue. What about those use the derogative (expression of low opinion) term "snake oil" for everything they don't understand or are incapable of comprehending?

No doubt they'll be happy to know Snake River Audio will be there!

I am grateful for miller carbon.  I was struggling with my 3 woofer array last year.  Just couldn't get the sound right.  I contacted him about helping me and I was willing to pay.  He gave me his phone number and we set a time.  He spent at least 2 hours with me on the phone helping me get the woofers placed and dialed in.  The bass is now fabulous.  And he wouldn't take any money.  Being from cajun country I sent him a box of some of the best smoked sausage.  For those of you that think he's FOS, look in the mirror if you want to find the real problem.

I sincerely wish good luck to MC. Lots of what he said was very helpful, but more often than not the delivery ended up being a total turn off. If he is indeed now selling, he needs to tone down the I know better than you attitude. Everything audio can be debated, just like anything else. No one holds the magic potion to every audiophile setup that's out there. It is so dependent on so many factors. I remember that his room and lack of proper acoustic treatments made it hard to swallow a lot of the tweaks he swore by. Of course, if your room acoustics are strongly lacking, certain tweaks may be your only salvation.


He’ll be featuring his own coat, hanger, cable, risers, springs, and Townsend products. Just like he honked when he was on here.