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When was the last time when serious new instrument was invented ?
The electric guitar of all things. Invented in 1932. It’s based on an acoustic guitar, but it’s a completely different instrument.  
ultrasound record cleaning machine damaged my records
HumminGuru Very Highly recommends that you do not use any Surfactant.  100% distilled water only. Just sayin’… Bent  
Great song by the Clash
+1 Hilde45 The Clash was an important band for me in the 80s. I went from listening to Niel Young, Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa, to First Wave and punk rock. I like the Supermarket Song the best. It’s like a slap in the face to commercialism. I stil... 
Phono pre amp recommendations? - upgrading from ICON AUDIO PS1 MK II
I went from the icon preamp to an Aric audio preamp. I Did not like The icon.  Aric audio Super 6SN7 Linestage. $4000.. superior! Bent  
Looking for advise and recommendations on a nice record cleaner.
@uavnola  I own the Humminguru Ultrasonic cleaner. It was $500 when I bought it new about a year ago. It runs at 40 MHz (?) Lower than the much more expensive models. I think it does a really fine job. If it doesn’t clean it well enough the first... 
Think I ruined stylus
He’s…Uh…. Busy again.  
first & last system
Learn to spell….vinil ?   
No discussion about the Synergistic Pink fuse?
Are You a Swifty?
talentuous  is not a word! It doesn’t even look like a word, unless you’re in eighth grade  
Audiophile Comedy
Component contributions to “sound stage”
@mazian  +++ The soundstage is created by the RECORDING ENGINEER when the recording is being MIXED.  If it’s not recorded onto the source recording in the sources, digital source nowadays, no equipment  ie. media playback equipment, at any cost, w... 
Are You a Swifty?
@gjohns  Taylor Swift did not revitalize the record industry! what a load!  
Dog pissed on speaker
Dogs cannot smell their own urine. bent  
Why do some amplifiers throw a bigger soundstage than others?
+1 noromance it’s on the record.  On certain LPs I can hear people talking to my right of my seating position. There is a party on a Donald Fagan album. People are clapping and talking around me   Bent        
directional speakers
I suggest that you look into ZU speakers. They are very efficient, directional, and in your price range.  I’ve had the soul supreme for three years. I like the way they sound. Bent