MBL 101E

Seller A sells for $27k OBO, but Seller B sells them for $35k OBO on ebay.


What will be the fair offer?


@dweller , makes a good point. Also, consider shipping. I have been looking for the smaller models, but have yet to find something. 


If more then 5 years old no , the leads tend to break on the mids tweeter on older models, newer ones not so.

"$27k OBO, but Seller B sells them for $35k OBO ". I don't know how old they are, but $27K and $35K is better than what a dealer quoted me for a three year old used pair for $63.5K($51K for the speakers and $12.5K credit for my speakers)! I know they list for $90K now, but I don't think they listed for $90K three years ago?

I’d tread carefully, and ask a lot of questions....

...but I know I’d be paranoid when the $s’ get that high.... ;)