Magnepan 1.7 I speaker sock ???

Did any of the forum people try and order anything from Magnepan ??  I had one of my new Magnepan 1.7 I speaker socks get damaged, I called the dealer I bought them from and he said I had to call Magnepan direct and order it, he also said they had a new phone system which they don't answer very well, after calling them for over two weeks I could see nobody was ever going to answer or return a requested return call.......I called the dealer back, but it doesn't seem he can get one either.......I live a 100 south of Spokane , Washington.....These speakers are about a year old, one sock is dirty.......Come get  them 1000.00, speakers , boxes and stands........And I promise to never buy another Magnepan or anything Magnepan makes......W


Who know what evil lurks in the minds of men ??       The shadow knows !!    I think I will close with that.............W 

I had very responsive repliesw on new socks for MAggie 1.7i speakers from Mick,

Sir:  I have completely giving up on these speakers, I would gladly sell them for 1000.00 and call it good............Magnepan is not the company they once were and that's why they are not doing well.......If you can't service your customers, your customers will not support you and you will fail.......I feel sorry for the pour dealer that will lose another customer over this........And people like Mick are the people that can cause companies to lose business.........Deal with a company like Wilson Audio and you will see the best in customer service.......But that's the difference..............W


That is too bad how a once great company does not communicate/service with its customers. I have noticed this trend with many other companies as well. I don't know if it is because of a shortage of workers or that we have just accepted this behavior.  We shouldn't


In contrast, Bruce Thigpen---maker of the great alternative to Maggies with his Eminent Technology LFT-8b and 8c loudspeakers---answers the phone himself. He will even advise you on how to upgrade his stock x/o with higher-cost (and presumably sounding) parts. The LFT-8b x/o schematic is available for viewing on the ET website, for those who are technically inclined.

As for grill cloth: Maggies have their cloth stapled onto the MDF speaker frame; the ET LFT-8b and 8c have removable grill frames, for ultimate sound quality listening sessions. The LFT-8b is about the same price as the Magnepan MG1.7i ($3200 including shipping vs. $3000), and imo considerably better sounding (I compared the two). Some prefer the 8b to the Magnepan MG3.7i, at less than half the price.