Magico A3 vs Magico S1 MK2

What do you guys think about either of them. I am currently trying to get rid of my BW 702 S2 and thinking about either of them. I have auditioned Magico A3 and liked it a lot. Had auditioned S1 MK2, a while back. I currently have Naim Unity Nova. I like the S1 Mk2 overall except for bass, which A3 does better. A3 is also good on high and meds, but little colored when compared to S1Mk2, which is bit neutral. Am liking both, but want to see if any of you guys have owned either of them and your overall experience. 
They have a very wide dispersion, so in either case, you need a lot of space or good treated room.

To me, they all sound a little chesty, with a little extra resonance in the bottom of female voices and piano.  No one else I've talked to has heard this though!

Next, the S1. Honestly kind of a curious animal. Limited bass, low efficiency, needs lots of room to sound good.  So, you have this limited output speaker that needs a big ass amp and a big effective footprint. But, really nice mid to treble, glass smooth.

Haven't heard the A3, but price wise, it's a better value.  Better efficiency, better bass, same price, more or less, right?
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Oh, forgot to mention, the stereo imaging with the S1, on and off axis is outstanding. If the A3 can give you all of that, taking up similar amounts of space, with less demands on an amp, and more bass, it's hard not to go that way.
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I am very happy with my A3s. They are full range as compared to the S1 mk2. To me the real question is what is the increment difference between the A3 and the S3? However, the A3 was more within my financial abilities and it is an end game speaker on one of my two systems. It is also a bit versatile. I have driven them effectively with First Watt M2 and SIT-3 amps. But also with Benchmark AHB2 monoblocks and a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP. Of course, good cabling and interconnects will be used effectively with the A3s Bottomline: If the choice is between the A3 and the S1 mk2. The clear choice for me is the A3. Good luck. 
one upside to the S1 is that it comes in colors other than black. Makes it easier to integrate to home decor than the A3 that only comes in black. 
A3 also sounds thin to me compared to the S1. 
@kingbarbuda I heard the A3 with my stereo Benchmark AHB2 and it was not that great, the sound seemed collapsed into the speakers. Have you compared the AHB2 in stereo mode vs AHB2 mono blocks with the A3? I had a suspicion that the single AHB2 amp was under-powering the A3's.
I was in this same position last summer. I was offered a demo pair of S1MKII in m-coat around the same price as the A3. The A3 sound  great but imo the S1MKII are on another level. The mids and treble are clearer with more definition than on the A3. It is more true to life and presents more of what it is given. The S1MKII also disappear alot more than the A3. There is less bass but what it is lacking can be made up for with a pair of subs.
The S1MKII is also more expensive at list price. M coat comes in at almost 10k more than the A3. I would also take a look at the new A1 with subs those speakers are pretty damn good. If you can get a pair of the s series though I would do that over the A series. They are just a more refined sound presentation. 
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I appreciate all input. The reason I am intrigued is because s1 mk2 is priced 18k and a3 12k. My dealer is giving a better deal on s1mk2 (less than a3).
OP - I think, honestly, that’s more accurate pricing. The S1 was always, in my mind, overpriced.

Mind you, i’m not saying it sounded bad, but for reasons above, I find it a curious animal. If you like the sound of it, and have lots of power, and space enough to put the speakers out into the room, jump on them.

It is just, in my mind, the most demanding small speaker I've ever seen.
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Where does one even buy these wonders of the universe? I just checked out the Magico site and couldn't find a link to a distributor or sales (well, accept for their T-Shirts and accessories).
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Thanks guys. Just decided to buy Magico A3. Ordered it. Will be coming soon. 
I know they are not that sensitive: I have Naim Unity Nova. I am hopeful this will be sufficient. I had listened A3 with Esoteric f-05 and Lumin S1: Sounded amazing. What do you guys suggest for integrated amp for A3 ?
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I demoed the A3 with Mark Levinson 585, almost as good (85%) as the 60K combined ML preamp + amp + DAC system with the A3. You can get the ML 585 used now for around $6-7K. Great pairing with the A3.

The 585 is still supposed to be better than the new ML 5000 series integrated, except maybe the built-in DAC in the 5000 series maybe slightly better. This last statement is from a dealer who actually does not sell ML but has listened to the line a lot.

I do not think the 585 does streaming but just buy a Sonore xxxRendu and you are covered. 
I know that you ordered the A3. I would say that if you can get a pair of the S1MKII for less than the A3 go with them if it is not to late. I got mine for the same price as the A3 but they are in the Mcoat finish a $4k premium. Like I said if you add a pair of subs I think that they are a much better speaker than the A3. The S1MKII is a much more refined sound signature. Yes they do require good power. I am using them with a Hegel H360 and they sound incredible.

I would look into a new amp you will want more power than what the naim has on tap imo.
Not to spoil your party but I concur with the previous poster. The S1MKII simply is the better speaker. To bring it to full potential you have to heavily invest in the whole chain though. With the Uniti Nova you will not do justice to both speakers.
Guys, somehow the dealer could not get magico A3. I am still on square one. S1mk2 is still ok board. My friends were craving about MA PL300ii and psb imagine t3. I am fan of magico. But before I pull trigger on S1mk2, want to make sure I am not making it prematurely before considering this. With current virus pandemic going on, have no way to audition these. Any thoughts if people have heard those or own those.
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I am being a fan of Magicos. It has some "magic" to it in the sounds. By the way, ebm, why do you think this is bad time, aside from the virus pandemic. 
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I Am looking at both the a3 and s1 mk2 as well. Using Hegel 360, but challenged with a small room that makes it difficult to place speakers in the optimal position. Even considered the a1 to accommodate space concerns. Any recommendations on the above options given space concerns. 
Update: Lots of things changed. I had ordered for Magico A3 and was told, not sure when they will be available and hence I had to restart my list. I heard Aerial acoustics 7T at one of my friends house and was blown away. I just bought these and am very glad I did it. Now I am running these speakers on naim unit Nova and happy with it. Will have to upgrade nova at some point. Thinking about Esoteric f-05 or Luxman 590 or pass labs Int 250 or Vitus rI-101 or ML 585.
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In my opinion Aerial Acoustics 7Ts are really great speakers. I had them for awhile and only sold them because my room is a little too big.
A3 owners:  what is the distance from the front wall you've found works well?  I can do 2 ft ---is that enough to avoid uneven bass?

Regarding an integrated amp that pairs well with Magico A3's; I would highly recommend checking out the Vitus R101 MK2 without streaming dac module- $15,600, with module- $20,600.