Lumin app, Teac HR streamer app, Esoteric app problem.

Hi, does anyone have problems with streamer controlling apps Lumin app, Teac HR streamer app, Esoteric app? Those apps is pretty much universal and identical and suppose to work with streamers like Lumin, Teac, Esoteric... My issue is: I can’t use any of those apps with my Teac NT-505 because the apps won’t work properly... when I try to start new album or new track the apps just won’t respond and nothing happens, however Linn app works just fine. While album started and played by Linn app I can actually paused and skip tracks with Lumin app, Teac HR streamer app or Esoteric app but again I can’t start new album or track with those apps. Only Linn app works properly, although this app is for totality different products and not even have to be supported by my streamer. 
Oh, I forgot to mention that I tried everything... reboot of streamer, phone, tablet and router, apps kill and reinstall, streamer firmware update... nothing helped. 
The Linn app was the predecessor to the "Lumin" suite of apps you listed and is supposed to work with all three brands of streamers.  Never had a problem with any of the four working with my NT-505.
I am having issues with Qobuz when using my Lumin streamer. I hit a certain song in my playlist and then my unit won’t play and the display turns off and on. The app then loses connection with Qobuz. I reset and tried a different song and it was fine. I went back to the song where I was having issues with and the same thing happened. Makes me think some of the Qobuz music files are corrupt.
Are you using an Apple or Android controller?  The Lumin and Roon apps, two that I know of, do not work well with Android devices.  There may be other apps with a similar problem. 

These are big names in streaming.  I don't know why they can't provide their customers with an Android app that works properly.
The problem exists with iOS devices. I using my iPhone 11, tried to use my old iPhone 6 and my daughters iPhone X and iPad. Same negative result. 
The problem may be with the Teac unit itself rather than the app. I have read that some people have had problems with them. Who did you buy it from, used or from a dealer?

You may be aware of this thread already, but if not, check it out:
I bought my Teac NT-505 directly from Teac Onkyo USA, they use to have sale event on EBay about six months ago. I don’t think it an unit problem as other not OEM apps works just perfect.