LP stores in Portland, Maine



we will be on the East Coast for a few days visiting the wife’s family.  We are renting an Air B&B in Ogunquit ME for a few days.  A day trip to Portland is on the “agender “.  I was last in Portland about 15 years ago and it seems like a cool town that would have multiple record stores and indeed Googling reveals many.  My issues is that I am probably only going to have an hour to indulge and want to hit a good place.  My interest is Classical.  Any Mainers out there who can make a recommendation?



Bull Moose. 

It's been 30 years since I visited their stores but the music they recommended and sold has always been a favorite of mine.


Perhaps they have a location near you. 



Last time I was there, about 7 years ago, most of the local shops that I had visited earlier had disappeared.  I recall only one, at that time and there was little classical. ☹

I was just there a few months ago. I was looking for jazz and classical. 
The only shop that I found that catered to this was Enterprise Records. I spent about 20 mins in there. It’s not a big store. As for the other stores on Congress St, they were generally too eclectic for my tastes and would not return to those if I were looking for classical music. 



Thanks, that is helpful.  It's suposed to rain next week so hopefully I can kill an hour there