looking to replace Fyne speaker jumper cable

Hello All,

looking to a upgrade jumper cable to replace the standard one comes with my Fyne F704 speaker, any advise will be really appreciated. 


@jafox  Makes a good point about the mistake of using cables as tone controls, although I disagree with his spelling of purest. 

If the OP's goal is neutrality, WireWorld would be my recommendation.

Honestly, my old, beat up ears are no longer good enough to tell the difference between short jumpers.

A long time ago, industry insiders determined that they could retire early if they could successfully market cheap to make wire as expensive, exotic tone control cables (exotic creatures, anyone). Now, it's dogma. Sheesh.

the reason why I want to try jumper cable is I want to see if single speaker cable with jumper as good as bi wire cable can be, or even achieve better sounding experience, to me upgrade single speaker cable seems more cost efficiently, and ease to sell on used market too, guess there can be more budget room to play around with variate jumper wires other than buying variate bi wire cable set. Keep trying to find the best bang for the buck for speaker cable instead of breaking my bank here. Thanks for all your help here!

Honestly with my experience biwire is better than jumpers, On biwire my plinius sa100 and diapason produce more holographic sound, more relax and bigger soundstage.Iam using silver jumper as well .