Looking for a nice outrigger knob like this ...

Can someone recommend where I can buy a nice top knob / nut on an outrigger footer as pictured? https://twitteringmachines.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/marten-parkertrio.2-1536x1024.jpg


Do they need to be chromed?  I make my own knobs.  Chroming can be expensive unless you live somewhere without environmental regulation.


Hi Jerry, 

No need for chromed. My preference is brass or mat aluminum. Do you have some sample photos? Also how much would you charge? I need four of them. 



If we make a deal on audiogon outside the classifieds we would get banned.  

Jerry Stephenson


A machinist can make any kind of knob you want.  Here is an extension knob I made to raise some tuning pot knobs up above the tubes and transformers in an amp I used to own.  They are about 3" tall.