REVIEW: Soundocity Speaker Outriggers

Category: Speakers

I just received a set of Soundocity Speaker Outriggers to use on my Gallo Reference 3 speakers. These are TERRIFIC speakers, but they are narrow and are a bit tipsy. I have knocked them over twice in the past year. Fortunately, I have thick carpeting and padding to soften the blow.

Nonetheless, I don't want them being knocked over, thank you very much. Someone from the EmotivaLounge website clued me into these outriggers, he bought a set for his Onix Rockets, also tall, narrow speakers. He got them on sale for $100. I perused the website and found the steel spike version to my liking. However, the price was a bit dear, $200 for enough to fix a pair of speakers.

I contacted the company owner and told him that I liked the product but I couldn't go $200. He was very kind and generous and said that he was just about to put them on sale and that I could get the sale price of $50/pr. - 2 pair needed. Hallelujah! I placed my order immediately.

2 days later, they showed up - wow, that was FAST! I tore open the box, and shook out the contents. I was met with a bag of hardware and 4 nicely-finished outrigger arms done in what looks to be a black powdercoat. Nice finish, nice machining, nothing at all to complain about.

1/2 hour later, I had them installed. I had to supply some hardware to match up to the Gallos' tapped holes, but I had it all on-hand in my motorcycle bolt bucket.

In short, these outriggers really do the job! They look great and really solidify the Ref 3s stance. It is still possible to tip them over, but you have to give them a pretty good shove. In addition, the spikes are adjustable so I can set the tilt of the speakers as I like. I have them tilted back to throw the soundstage a bit higher than the stock Ref 3s.

If you have tall, narrow speakers, I soundly recommend this product. The fit and finish are great, the price is also great, and the company's owner (Paul) is a very nice guy - a win, win, win in my book!

I have used these for the front on my Von Schweikert VR4-JRs and am very pleased. Very stable. I tried two per speaker but wanted a slight tilt up so I used the stock spikes on the rear and the Soundocity outriggers in front. Great product. Also, you can adjust each one independently to perfectly level the speaker.
I had a similar experience with Soundocity. Paul made me a pair of custom bases for Nestorovic speakers that I owned at the time, and besides the greatly increased stability, it allowed the speakers to perform better. The bass was more "solid" and images were more stable.
Paul is great to deal with and a gentleman. They also sell a great variety of cones and other accessories.