Live event calendar

Howell Devine 7/23/2022 Joshua Howell Vocals Harmonica Slide Guitar, Pete Devine Drums, Joe Kyle Jr. Upright Bass. at Harry's Hofbrau, San Leandro CA.  

Red Hot Chili Peppers, BECK, ThunderCat, 7/29/2022 at Levi Stadium in Santa Claira CA.

Tedeschi and Trucks 8/19/2022 at the Berkeley Greek.

Joshua Redman, Brad Mehldau, Christian McBride, Brian Blade 9/23/2022 at SF Jazz (still a few seats left)



Sounds like you're in the Bay Area! I live in downtown SF; haven't been going to any shows of late, though.... 

Yeah, masked up we decided to climb out from under our rock.

First time at Levi, very friendly and accommodating staff in a nice new stadium.    

Looks like a fun summer of music! I have good friends in Oakland but haven't been out since 2016 I need to do that next year.

I saw Tedeschi Trucks at

Red Rocks with Los Lobos opening.  A truly wonderful show.  Enjoy.  I will be at the Greek for Robert and Allison.  Can you recommend any shows  for Sunday night?



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My only advise would be to get all your shots and dress in layers. Specifically, the best seats at the Berkeley Greek are any seat in row 20 because of the wall behind you. If the reinforcement is managed well the sound is good most everywhere.

rbishoff, since we went to the Lobos / Trucks show Saturday the 20th. I didn’t have any suggestions, sorry.

Hardly Strictly Blue Grass never seems like a bad idea. Just be mindful of the Q-Tips. Check out Stern Grove, SF Jazz and the KCSM FM site for regional small venue shows.



Another piece of good advice for the Greek Theater is to bring SEAT CUSHIONS. Anybody who has sat on that cement for a few hours without one will know whereof I speak....