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Live event calendar
I should say shows for Saturday night.    
Live event calendar
I saw Tedeschi Trucks at Red Rocks with Los Lobos opening.  A truly wonderful show.  Enjoy.  I will be at the Greek for Robert and Allison.  Can you recommend any shows  for Sunday night?   Thanks.   
Stager Silver Solid Interconnects
Martin Colloms gave these a great review in Hifi Critic three years ago.  
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Three tn come to mind. Jerry Jeff Walker and Joe Cocker both too drunk to perform. George Jones too sick to perform. Left the stage to go to the  bathroom sinus issues. Left couple of more times.didnt even try. I forgave him for being Ill but not ... 
They are a wholly owned subsidiary of Etsy, inc. which is publicly traded and doing well.  
How do I pay?
Here are 3 online escrow companies licensed in California. Does not mean they're good just that they are licensed. https://dfpi.ca.gov/online-escrow-companies/I wouldn't do the transaction otherwise.  
1st Post Intro & Ramblings
This is a great introduction. Thanks so much and keep commenting. 
Jerry Jeff Walker takes the last train ride.
I also really liked Jerry Jeff and still listen to him regularly. I saw him perform twice. He opened for Willie in one of his rehab stints and was great. He will be missed.  
Best portable DAC, Phone, and in ear buds for travel or just out and about
I also think the lg v30 or v40 cell phones are excellent for audio.  
Screaming bargains in DSD-capable DACs?
I have the m8a. I find the treble to be quite etched.  I would not purchase it again.   
2 bonnie raitt tickets new Orleans
JafantI can't go to the show .  
2 bonnie raitt tickets new Orleans
There is no charge .  
Speakers for 15K - Discounts
Arizona hifi is a reaaly great store. When i travel to Phoenix i always try to stop in. 
Need advice
There's a grace m920 on sale for five more hours on massdrop for 1399 which would be perfect. No conflicts of interest. John marks recommends it. 
In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music
I agree with the previous viewvsrated by sabai such poor taste.