Listening skills increase with low light?

I’m wondering if anyone can say that optimal attention to articulation increases keenness to hearing/ listening… to certain genders of music? Do you feel ability to concentrate increases as your listening room’s ambiance improves?


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My seeing skills diminish in low light...

That's interesting, I have the same problem. My ophthalmologist says it's not common, but it is a medical condition. 

Which audio club is this in relation to? I've seen this question or ones very like it on more appropriate discussion groups. 

Yes. I always turn off the lights when I listen and tend to close my eyes. 

As @newbee indicated, it removes distractions.

Simple answer, eliminate anything that distracts you if you want to fully absorb the music you are listening to. If while listening you are aware of your rooms ambience (as opposed to acoustics) you're too easily distracted I think. If you can't concentrate on the music because of your rooms ambience or acoustic nature its probably time to learn to appreciate a good headphone in a dedicated headphone system. FWIW, one of the diseases of audiophilia is the tendency for folks to sit in the sweet spot and just listen to how great their system sounds (to them). :-)