Legacy vs Revel

Legacy Focus SE vs Revel Ultima Studio 2.

Looking to purchase one or the other. 

I'll list my rig later but ultimately the power source will be a Pass Labs 250.5 or 250.8

Currently I have Coda CSIB integrated amp.
Those two are pretty far apart as to power requirements.  You may have to go up to the 350.8 if you go with the Revel's.
Not true, the Studio2 are not that hard to drive. You may have this one confused with the Salon2 which IS harder to drive and less efficient. I’ve driven mine in the past with 100 watts and they were fine. Power aside, they are a different presentation from the Legacy speakers I’ve heard (and also liked). To the OP have you heard either product? This is a big purchase to be making blindly.
I have not listened to either speaker in person. Only in on line videos.

Currently I own a pair of Revel F52s.  To hear their full potential they do need a lot of power. 

I didn't try them out before I bought them. But I did a ton of research on various speakers in the 7 to 10 thousand dollar range before I purchased them here on Audiogon for a fraction of that price.

Will do the same with one of these 2. 

The Coda provides 300 or 400 watts per channel. Can't remember off the top of my head.

Anyway, I was curious to try out a high efficiency speaker. Is there a sound advantage with speakers that have a higher efficiency. Do they sound clearer and detailed at lower volumes? 

Both of these speakers match up well with Coda or Pass Labs Amps.

Legacy voiced the Focus SE speakers with Coda, so the match is def there. I currently have the Signature SE’s and have used Pass 350.5 and currently MC452 with them and they are a great speaker that works well with all music and forgiving of recordings that are not that great. 

Do you prefer the MC452 over the Pass 350.5 with your Legacys?

If so why? And what interconnects and speaker cables are you using?

I'm running Teo Game Changers between my Oppo 205 and the Coda. And 10 gauge, oxygen free, bare copper wire to the speakers.