XLR cables from preamp to powered bass amp in speaker? (Legacy Focus XD.)

OK, so doing a little research here. I am in the process of ordering some Legacy Audio Focus XD speakers later this year if my audition goes well. The bass is self powered in the the XD's and you can run XLR cables from preamp to the speakers and use speaker cables from amp to speakers to bi amp them for mid/high's.  This is how I plan to use them. So would good subwoofer cables work? I was thinking of getting some good quality Canare or Belden Pro Audio type cables for this. I use Wireworld Eclipse 8 interconnects from pre to amp as well as from my DAC. Is there a particular cable that works well in this situation? Problem is I need 3 meter set so that gets pricey if I go with some higher end stuff. I imagine the comments/feedback will be all over the place. Looking for real world experiences from that hat had tried different things for this use. Thanks!


XLRs are largely immune To cable effects compared to single ended RCAs.

Many like Canare adn Cardas, I use Mogami+Neutrik and roll my own.
WireWorld and BlueJeans are often mentioned. 

But there are a lot of people that really spend up,

If you make your own, then you have good options. I would likely go for BlueJean or the subwoofer XLRs. It is good to have things working even if you are going to start auditioning $$$ cables.,,as it is hard to compare things to nothing.


I imagine the comments/feedback will be all over the place. 

FCS… ^this^ reads like prophecy. 


@holmz  Thanks, and regarding my comment. You know what happens in cable question threads. They usually go south in a hurry. Since it is strictly dealing with Bass signals, I have no real experience, and especially with XLR. 


What about these as a start?


Though I’ve tried some, I have never found it necessary to use expensive XLR interconnects. They were no better than -- some worse than -- simple mic cables made with Mogami W2549 and Neutrik connectors.

The need for fancy wires would be even less for low frequencies of a subwoofer. If sound quality is the goal, I would also second Blue Jeans or Mogami cables or cables made with good Mogami mic cabling.

I use a 15-foot length of the below cable for my preamp to amp. Both of those are not particularly fussy about XLR. I need to buy a 25-foot length for my second system which will use the same preamp. Good cables and cheap.

Benchmark Studio&Stage™ StarQuad XLR Cable for Analog Audio - Benchmark Media Systems

You know what happens in cable question threads. They usually go south in a hurry

^correct… south and down… descending into the depths of hell.

I use the Mogami star quad like @yyzsantabarbara and Benchmark, but as I am cheap and I like the length exact… I just build them as I need them.

For a sub (bass) I would not expect anything untoward to be happening. Even for the full range I would not.