Latest Psvane WE300B-Plus Tubes - Any Feedback?

Hey tube heads, any sound quality feedback, comments, or comparisons on the newest version of the Psvane's WE300B, known as the WE300B Plus? I think it came out in fall, but I can't seem to find any reviews or anything on these newer tubes.

I would love to know how they compare sonically to their Psvane WE300B standard version, or the EML 300b-XLS, or the Sophia Carbon Princess tubes, or any other higher level 300b out there (Elrog, true WE, Tak, etc.).

Since there is no feedback out there on the WE300b-Plus tubes, how about something on the latest Psvane tubes that just came out in the fall: the Psvane ACME Supreme series 300B vacuum tube?

Here’s a snippet from Grant Fidelity’s website:
"ACME Supreme 300B vs. Western Electric 300B (1998 production): “Clarity and transparency are stunningly better on the Supreme series, you can almost touch the singer in the sound stage. Scarily live! For mid range that Western Electric 300B has always been lusted for, ACME Supreme 300B doesn’t lack of any texture, fullness, richness, and tonality. Audiophiles say that ACME wins hands down on depth and width of sound stage comparing to Western Electric 300B (1998 production)! It is of all the classic vintage sound signature – the absolute analog sound! “

Anyone out there have any listening impressions of these new 300bs? Please share!

... And we are still waiting for the release of the new Western Electric 300b tubes from the Rossville, GA factory; looks like they are getting closer...

I am currently enjoying the Psvane WE300b or the EML 300b-xls tubes in my SET amps depending on my mood.
I am very curious about the Psvane Acme's as well. Looking to upgrade my 300B's from the stock tubes that I got with the Line Magnetic 805ia. Based on my reading so far, it sounds like the ranking of the tubes go: 

Upper Echelon
- NOS Western Electric
- Takatsuki
- Elrog
- Sophia Electric Royal Princess

Fantastic but not quite in Upper Echelon
- PSVane WE300b

I do wonder where the new PSVanes will rank here. 

I ordered a pair of the Plus's. I love the sound of the Sophia RP but the reliability is garbage... my umpteenth pair has just gone kaput and I am done. Am using EML Meshes as backup, they sound excellent but are a little too dark for my tastes.
I just got the original WE300b a couple weeks ago and absolutely love them (in Coincident Frankensteins).  Just beautiful music out of them.  Please do post about the ACMEs... I'd love to hear the update.  
freesole..having had both the Royal Princess and currently the Psvane WE 300 b i would switch both of them in your list.To Me, the  Psvane WE 300b is better, by more than a little. I will be buying a pair of the new WE 300b that are currently being made at a new company outside of Atlanta,Ga soon.
" the new WE 300b that are currently being made at a new company outside of Atlanta,Ga "
What's the name of the company?
I’m curious.    It’s a bit much to guess wrong on a pair of 300b for 1500.   Im fond of taks.    Please share if you pull the trigger on these 
On the recommendation of Israel Blume at Coincident, I upgraded my Shuguang Black Bottle 300Bs to the Psvane Acme Supreme 300Bs for use in my Frankenstein monoblocks a few months ago.  It’s the best 300B I’ve ever heard.  Out of the box they were superior to the Sophia Electric Royal Princess.  Unfortunately the Princesses never had a chance to break in because they failed in the Frankensteins after about 2 weeks.  If you have Frankensteins don’t put Sophia Electric tubes in it.  Anyway, the Acme Supremes are dead quiet, with the most refined treble I have ever experienced in my system.  Midrange is spot-on, not overly projected or prominent and not recessed.  Detailed and colorful, much more so than the Black Bottle Shuguangs which are great sounding and reliable, but totally outclassed by the Acme Supreme which they should be at the price.  Before break in the bass sounds a bit light, but after about 2-4 weeks that goes away and the bass comes on like a ton of bricks, but in a good way.  Excellent balance from top to bottom, but for me the high frequency reproduction was the real ear-opener.  I pre-ordered a pair of the new WE 300B’s so I’ll be able to compare the two.  Western Electric has their work cut out for them.  The Acme Supreme is as good as a 300B needs to be.  I haven’t heard the Takatsuki, but it’s $1500 just like the new WE.  I got my Acme Supremes for $1000 but they might be a little more expensive now. I’ll compare it to the WE, but I just might be done with 300B upgrades.  They’re good.  IB was right again.
+1 to ccowan3599

I had been using Acme 300B for 10 months with satisfaction.

Since I have a vintage WE300B made in 1940’s, I had done comparison between them.

My conclusion is vintage WE300B has slightly more tight bass and wider soundstage but the difference is not big.

Acme 300B sounds slightly sweeter than vintage WE300B


if you are listening though an output transformer, you are comparing artifacts that are not music. A great amp has no output transformer to muddy the sound. If you use a resistor type attenuator, not a  TVC or LED, you are listening to distortion. An upgrade before  expensive tubes would be those two.. so just grab a JJ300B, forget the WE types, and be more concerned which performer of the Bach Solo cello performances you prefer ..or which singers you prefer on Decca of a Bellini opera. You do listen to music, don't you?
can't say anything about the WE 300B, but the WE KT88s are excellent. they are my favorite KT88 now.
very organic sounding.
@tommytcg If you are listening to reproduced music or amplified instruments you are listening to distortion. And the parts used change how it sounds. Period.