YTER Speaker Cables - Feedback Wanted

Has anyone had an opportunity to audition the new YTER speaker cables made by Sonus Faber.

I current own Transparent Ultra's and was wondering is these new YTER cables would be a step up in performance.

Also does anyone know how much they cost?

Any feedback from users would be much appreciated.
I have the Music Wave Ultra and currently auditioning the Yter Cables (They are about $1500 Canadian funds). Not finished with the audition but it blows it away hands down! However, a local montreal cable called Bis Audio ( has the maestro cable that is said to be just as good as the Yter but at lower price ($750 CAN Funds).

I have both and can honestly say that both of them are leagues better than my Transparent MusicWave Ultra interconnects.I haven`t tried the yTER speaker cables yet. Don`t want to yet...don`t have the funds.

Suffice to say, either the Yter or Bisaudio Maestro cables will sound better than Transparent. How good? Decided to hold off against replacing my VTL 5.5 preamp with an Ayre K1 XE preamp. The rest of my system:

Ayre C5 XE cd player, Ayre V5XE, Avalon Ascendant Speakers.
Please note, my audition is not yet over. I used a single ended Yter Cable from CD PLayer to Preamp, a balanced BisAudio Maestro cable from Preamp to Amp. It was not a fair comparison since The transparent MusicWave Ultra interconnects I have are single ended and terminated with WBT Plugs. I kept the Transparent Music Wave ulTRA speaker cables in place. I will continue my testing tomorrow when I borrow a single ended BisAudio Maestro cable to replace the Yter cable running from the cd player to preamp.

Suffice to say, the transparent cables sound very bright. They seem to be hiding details (i.e. cymbals, drumstick sounds) when everything is playing. With the transparent, when a female voice goes up higher, it sometimes sounds irritating and bright. With the Yter and Maestro in place, sounds more natural, smooth, transparent and more realistic. I am able to listen more to the low level details (brush strokes, ambience of the hall, etc...) with teh Yter and Maestro in place. I am definitely getting rid of my transparent interconnects.

Will let you know my final conclusion...

Yter speaker cable is really good, in my system won hands down a 3 times more expensive NBS sp.cable so I bought it.
I think it's a very good for the money, maybe a bargain.
2x3meter around 1200 euros. Sexy looks too!
i'm also interested to find out more abt the Yter speaker cable (to be used in conjunction w/SF Amati Anniversario), unfortunately am not able to audition them.

other speaker cables under consideration include Nordost Valhalla & Stealth Dream (also not able to audition these).

comments anyone?
There is no relation in price between Yter and Nordost/ Stealth. For the money the Yter is fantastic.
I did btw a test between Yter and Nordost on the Anniversarios and in depth Yter was best but in detail Valhalla was best. (you should know that the tested Valhalas were biwire and Yter singlewire and Anni signlewire)

Hope I helped.

Please state your electronics with Anniversarios.
I have the amati homage. Its tweeter is a bit edgy with other speaker cables (kondo silver speaker wire, audience au24 as well). I tried the yter speaker cable today and to be honest its the missing link to make my system really sing.

I hope you can try it before buying the more expensive cables around like what I did. My other interconnect kondo ksl lp and tara labs.
Howdy, just picked up a set of Yter Ag-Pd interconnects.  Trouble is, they’re picking up a lot of fuzz.  Controled for a ground loop without any luck.  I’m wondering whether these cables are shielded.  Does anyone know?  Maybe someone has tips on how to reduce the hum.  Thank you in advance!