Klaudio KD-CLN-LP200 Owners

I recently purchased a used LP 200 and it makes a loud bubbling/gurgling sound during the cleaning cycle. Of the Youtube videos I've seen, they don't exhibit this. I contacted the owner and he claims it's always ben like that. Also, during the cleaning cycle, I don't see much water on the record. 

Here's a video I uploaded on Youtube. I'm curious to know if his is the normal sound. Thank you.



Mine makes a bit of a gurgling sound, but it's very faint. Not as pronounced as I hear in the video.  If you have your phone right next to it, then it's about what it would sound like if I put my ear up to it.  The water level is fine.  Are your records getting clean?  Have you tried reaching out to KLAudio?

Mine makes no gurgling sound at all. The pump runs quietly and smoothly whether filling or draining the tank.

I have tried reaching out to Klaudio. phoned them 3 times and left voicemails. No response. I don't know if the records are being cleaned properly. Very little water observed on most of the record. Just little droplets. I've owned a Degritter in the past and you can see water across the entire surface of the record with no surfactant. Just distilled water.

The seller has agreed to accept a return. I really wanted this cleaner.