KEF Blade 2 Meta

Anyone bi-wiring these speakers? If so, does it provide any benefit? I was reading that for some speakers bi-wiring is a benefit because it was designed for that purpose and for others it is not worthwhile.

I am considering buying a used non-bi-wire cable that is available today. I won’t have the Blades until Fall of 2023 so I cannot listen for myself. If I get bi-wire cable, then it will likely be bought new so that is a lot more money.


I'm using +30 year old kimber 4tc so probably not the one to ask, but I have brought several different lines of nordost flat wire home and couldn't hear an audible improvement. I would wait til the speakers were setup and decide if any further tweaking is necessary.

I don’t know if this will help you, but I offer it in case it might.

I have the KEF Reference 3s which are voiced similarly to the Blades (I’ve compared them directly - exact same system - just plugged the bananas in one vs. the other).  I’m less sure about impedance curves, etc, but I assume they’re reasonably similar.

I used to run the speakers with analysis plus oval 9s non bi-wire. It was quite good,  I then auditioned Nordost Tyr II w/ and without their jumper, as well as comparable Transparent and Audioquest variants.  Of those options, the Nordost was clearly the best.(I would agree with other forum discussions that lower/mid level Nordost is a bit harsh but the upper end of the Nordost line is excellent. 

I ended up buying Silversimith Audio Fidelium’s with their jumpers. They are even a more detailed than the Nordost without being bright. They’re very, very good but may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

The SAs were significantly less money for what is arguably a reference level cable (according to many here and reviewer Greg Weaver). I won’t personally argue that case, but they are very good though I sometimes wonder about Valhalla 2s…

The point I’d like to make is this: I personally wouldn’t be buying a cable today - no matter how good the deal or reputation of the cable -  in anticipation of speakers to come this fall as you’ll want to audition in your system.

Fortunately, there will always be good options (new or used). You will find something then which you like - and it may not even break the bank. 



I already have the cables that I was considering in a improper length (1 foot) and improper termination (SpeakON). I do know that I am going to get the same cables for the Blades but I was not sure about bi-wire cable or just regular like I already have. 

The 2 cables I already have are being used.



Sorry I misunderstood the crux of the question.  With respect to bi-wire or not, I will note the built in jumpers on the KEF are vastly better than what I’ve experienced with other speakers.  Nevertheless, it also appears to me to be somewhat beneficial to bypass the built in jumper with an upgraded one (Nordost’s and Silversmith’s approach).

So, perhaps that suggests you can comfortably go with whatever wire you wish, and then later add jumpers if so desired. I will note that I have not tried dedicated bi-wires on my KEFs so it’s possible I’m missing out on additional performance gains.