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Do I need the Jplay app to stream hi resolution from iPhone qobuz to a Hegel H190. The Qobuz app won’t do it by itself? A lot of confusing articles and posts.

I don’t want to purchase Jplay if it is not needed.

Hegel page about streaming mentions Qobuz only in its UPnP section and says to use Jplay.
Network, Streaming and Sound Formats (

I see wired solutions but I need to control the system from another room.  I could use the iphone to control a PC that is wired via USB but would prefer to just open an app on my phone and play music at hi resolution to the Hegel.





I prefer BubbleUPnP. I have both.

Then you can play Qobuz direct using your phone as a remote control anywhere in wifi network range.

JPlay has a better user interface than MConnect.  Bubble UPnP is for Android I believe.   I find Jplay is more stable than MConnect with certain devices and MConnect is better with others.  I have not tried either with Hegel yet but if Hegel is suggesting JPlay, they may have tested it.  

@fuzztone I am confused.  BubbleUPnP runs on the PC, correct, not the phone.

What app do I use on the phone to control it?

@soix  I installed mconnect on my phone.  It does not see the Hegel.


I think I need a network diagram, lol.  Seriously though, I'm not clear what apps are doing what.

Is this correct?

mconnect... Runs on phone and connects to Qobuz servers and streams music using upnp to Hegel?

BubbleUPnP... runs on pc, connects to Qobuz servers, streams music to Hegel using upnp.  Controlled from phone by ???

I installed mconnect on my phone.  It does not see the Hegel.

It’s been a while since I did this, but you need to get mconnect to access your Qobuz account probably through Settings somewhere if you haven’t already.  Then on the right side there should be a bar to choose Qobuz as your source and it should appear in the right window area.  To access your playlists hit the hamburger at the top and you’ll see options to choose.  Once Qobuz is enabled, on the upper left of mconnect there should be blue toggle buttons that say “Play” and “Play to”.  “Play” will just play music on your phone’s speaker, and if you switch to “Play to” you should see a list of available UPnP devices and hopefully your Hegel will show up there so you can choose that (I think your phone needs to be on Wi-Fi for this)— if it doesn’t show up you might have to change a something in your Wi-Fi settings or maybe check the Hegel manual, but I’m not good with networking stuff so don’t have any specifics.  Hope this helps and you get it working. 🤞🤞🤞

Adding some info.  I can see the hegal from the pc, it shows up in file manager as a renderer and I can open the web interface.

I can see my Yamaha receiver from mconnect, just not the Hegel.  They are both on same network.

I can airplay to the Hegel from iphone.  

So I think network connectivity is not the issue unless its specific to upnp


@soix "ou should see a list of available UPnP devices and hopefully your Hegel will show up there so you can choose that"
This is the step that is not working.  The Hegel does not appear.  I'll keep researching.

OK, I got one option working.  mconnect now shows the Hegel.  I rebooted the Hegel and now it shows up.  Got hires music from Qobuz -> mconnect -> Hegel.

The interface of mconnect leaves something to be desired but it works.

Jplay sounds better than mconnect in my system. It’s well worth the $49/year. 

JPLAY offers free trial….you should try it. $49 is a chump change when you experience the superb User Interface and SQ. 

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I currently use a Bricasti M1 SE Dac with network card for streaming, via qobus via Audirvana. This was suggested by the dealer that sold me the Bricasti. Been using it for months now, very happy with SQ thus far. Just curious about JPLAY interface etc.