Joseph Audio RM25XL

I had a pair of JSE Infinite Slopes back in the 80's and loved their sound, but they were a bit bass shy. I just acquired a pair of RM25XL speakers and got them set up this afternoon. Out of the box, for some reason, they were not that impressive, but after a few hours of listening to them, I am just blown away. The soundstage is immense with the players suspended in air. The extension on the upper end is very impressive and the low end, while not extremely low, is very well controlled and powerful. I have heard a ton of really fine speakers in this price range, but I must say these speakers have absolutely no deficiencies. I wouldn't describe them as particularly "warm", rather extremely accurate and musical. I am using a Modwright KWA 100SE amp and a Belles 22A preamp and these speakers are simply creating a magical sound I have not heard before in my listening room. All plans for off for tonight... I am gonna be tipping a few brewski's and getting acquainted with these fine new speakers.
I'm sure they are outstanding. I briefly had a pair of RM22XL speakers which are identical to the RM25XL except for the additional woofer on the 25s and related changes (cabinet, crossover, etc.) I regretted not getting the 25s since the sound signature should be the same but the 25s should have an enhanced lower midrange and upper bass, which I felt were the main deficiencies in the 22s.

The 22s were extra fast and precise, detailed, huge soundstage, just as the all the reviews said (you might want to check out the reviews on the 25s), actually giving my big Maggies a run for the money (I'm not kidding!)

If I had bought the 25s, I'm sure I'd still have them.
Congrats! It's always good to hear that someone found enlightenment, or their system did anyway.
I had a pair and totally agree with you ...fantastic speakers and I regret selling them...Enjoy !
Congrats - great speakers and system you have there. I have heard them many times at audio shows and was always very impressed...enjoy!
Great speakers.
I have a pair of the rm 25 mk II's for over ten years.
They are not my main speaker anymore, but they have been moved to bedroom duty.
I would never sell them. They are the best balanced, biggest sweetspot, most enjoyable speakers i have ever heard for anywhere close to their asking price.
Glad you are enjoying them, I have a pair and would love to know what speaker wires you are using.
I am glad you are enjoying the xl25's. Had mine for almost 6 years. Make sure they are on solid footing. Only thinking about upgrading in the Joseph line. [ Although I could be persuaded if an Devore Orangutan became available)

Rspark, I am currently using Teresonic speaker cable's. They come up used every now and then.
Resurrecting an old thread here....need some feedback on the rm25xl.

From experience...would you categorize them as tilted towards the top, on the lean side and cool side of neutral? Thanks.
I wouldn't categorize them as cool or warm.  To me they sound linear and naturally neutral. 
Thanks Soix. Before I shortlist them ... how do they perform  on female vocals....are they known to have a big sound...on the rich side perhaps?

Anyone else has feedback?

oh...neutral probably means not on rich side...:) Just trying to stay away from lean sounding much image density...thin. Thanks. 
They are not thin sounding, but neither do they embellish the mids/lower mids that some speakers do to artificially enhance the midrange.  That's why I called them linear.  If you think you might prefer a boosted midrange you might prefer a speaker that does that.  I find the RM25 mids to be very balanced and natural sounding, but thin is not a word I would use to describe any JA speaker I've heard.  The mids are very present but just not overdone IMHO.  They sound plenty large when called for considering their size, and their imaging, 3D soundstaging, and disappearing as a sound source are among the best I've heard from any speaker.  Hope this helps and best of luck.  BTW, there's a pair for sale here now at a good price that may be worth a look.  No association with seller. 


I have no experience w/ the RM25. I do have listening experience w/ the Pulsar + Perspective. These (2) models are all about the midrange.

Probably the best vocals that I have heard in any speaker. There is a down side, as to my ears, the top octave is rolled off and at least the bottom octave as well. This was present on both vinyl & digital recordings.  Not bad in any way. I believe that Jeff Joseph offers a true full-range (no roll off) on the Pearl 2 + Pearl 3 loudspeakers!

Strange....not sure what was going on where you heard the Pulsars/Perspectives, but they are certainly not rolled off on the top (or bottom) end.

To the OP, the 25xl/s were/are great speakers at their price points when new.  Absolutely not thin/lean at all.

(Joseph Audio dealer)
Hello Taylor-
good to see you here;
the JA speakers were in a system w/ Octave and Primare gear.
Cardas cabling.  Sensational vocals- really stood out.

Compared to other systems, other gear, the over-all presentation was slightly rolled off top and bottom. do the rm25xl do for female vocals and piano? I listen to jazz vocals and acoustic instrumentals almost exclusively. Excessive top end energy and etch are a no no for me. Thanks. 
I agree with the above post....the 25's will do extremely well with what you are looking for.