JJ Vacuum Tubes In Stock

Just an fyi , I received an email from tubedepot this morning that they have JJ tubes back in stock. Just letting you know should you have a need or interest. I am not affiliated with them other than as a customer


Antique Electronic Supply also has JJ’s & Psvane.. I’m trying the JJ KT88 now. Only an hour on them so far.

Let us know what you think .  I’ve only used Gold Lion KT 88.  I was just on Tube Depot   Prices weren’t too bad considering.   

Some of the larger output tubes are showing up in stock again too, checking several sources.  

I've used the JJ KT88s in my Aric  Audio amp.To be fair only put about 50 hours or so on them before moving on just to try something new. It's been a couple of years,but I found them to be very quiet, clean,and clear.At the moment I'm using Gold Lion KT120s for a little more bloom.