It's the Cicadas!

Don't panic if you start hearing a strange high pitched whine. 

Your system is not suffering a catastrophic failure. It's just those bugs screaming for sex. 


I've been screaming for sex for years now, but my wife always says it's the cicadas. 


I moved from the North Shore 20 years ago and haven’t been to Ravinia since.  I now live in the Oak Park area and we go to Grant Park in the summer for live music.  You get the city noise-nothing like ambulance siren to disturb a solo flute passage-but I remember this Ravinia cicadas as being deafening, particularly in late August.  

First radiology contract, Springfield, IL summer 1998 at a Level 1 trauma center, AKA a ‘Knife and Gun Club’.  Cicadas, I was told were in a peak 7 year cycle and they nearly drowned out the sounds of gunfire. Lovely Springfield.

Also introduced me to a perfect 10 Springfield woman. A woman with 3 tats, 3 teeth, 3 kids and a bench warrant. Lovely Springfield.


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