Is this thing for real?

I was doing some research at the Blue Circle Audio website and clicked onto this link:

Does anyone know the story behind this? The website claims it's not a hoax. Is this for real or just a hoax?
A pair of these were on display in Blue-Circle room at the Stereophile show in NYC. They certainly are are for real, however, damn ugly (totally cheesey) if you ask me!
Yes, they are for real. Blue Circle is trying to figure out a way to cover the transformers and the jell. They are also working on cables that will look like the purse strap. The mono-block amps have the same technology as their top of the line AG gear.
LMAO!!!! Too funny. The ultimate wife appeal?? On second thought, I don't think I've ever dated a girl who would want that in her house over my traditional style gear. Different strokes I guess.


Thanks for the dumb info, it is indeed a wacky world. I do not blame you for not knowing if it is a hoax.

file under: different strokes

As ugly as it gets!!! Is this a new concept or have other companies used art or disguises to hide the amps, turntable, cd player, dacs, etc. ?? The B&W giant seashell speaker comes to mind (can't remember the model # but it is expensive).
There was an earlier post on these... they are for real, and for the money, they sound awfully good. Admittedly, they are not for everybody, but for those who like good sound with a twist (at a reasonable cost too) they might be a good fit. They have the same basic design technology as Blue Circle's AG line of equipment. The AG line equipment is superb!!!
That does it. If chronic upgrading is some form of neurosis, this has to be schizophrenia writ large. Help! Get me out of here...
I understand that OJ is ordering his custom-made in that distinctive Bruno Magli style. Moreover, and Blue Circle is expanding their offerings to include the entire Imelda Marcos line and has concentrated their efforts on sizing-down the amp so that it might fit into a more stylish clutch.

Me, I say hide it all in a pair of high-top Jordan/Nikes (having overpaid for both) and then stick them in the closet as Marakanetz suggests.......
One would think that a manufacturer would re-invest some of their profits on actually trying to make a better product, not experiment with idiocy. I hope that "hot glue" and "silicone" are not staples of their assembly line. Needless to say, i will probably never buy anything from this company. Sean

PS.. My personal point of view, take it for what it's worth.
Yes, as mentioned, they are for real. I too, saw them at the Show. Let's hope the idea dies a quick death.

Gilbert Yeung was really proud of them. He was more interested in talking about the pumps than the BC3 preamp I just bought. My fiance found them ridiculous, and thinks the BC3 a whole lot more elegant. Sadly, I would have to admit that they probably sound stellar. Cannot say, though, for whatever reason, Blue Circle didn't play any of their equipment. The small, unknown company with them did all the playing.

And, yes, Sean, silicone is a staple of Blue Circle. Used for damping resonances(on their connections), as they also do with Dynamat(a big sheet on the preamp's cover). While I have yet to fire up my preamp(need one more component for the second system), I can assure you that Blue Circle's sonics are about as good as things get.
Sean: Your viewpoint is certainly something that you are welcome to, but to assume that Blue Circle spends no time trying to better their product is wrong. In point of fact, because it is a small outfit, Blue Circle is far more free to experiment than most manufacturers. The music pumps are a result of that "creative license", and I'd personally rather see something a little different in the audio world from time to time than another mark II, or model S. The music pumps are a novelty item that sound good, no more, no less. They do not appeal to everyone, nor are they meant to. Blue Circle makes a pretty full line of amps, preamps, and power conditioners, and probably just felt like doing something different. As for never buying anything from them, that of course is completely your decision, but I bet if you ever get a chance to listen to the stuff critically you'll be impressed.