Is a Music Hall MMF 9.1 a significant upgrade over a Thorens TD 160 mk ii?

While I've used Audiogon for research for many years, this is my first forum post.

I am considering the purchase of a Music Hall MMF 9.1 to replace (or, more likely, simply displace) my Thorens TD 160 mk ii.  I can get a very good price on a used MMF 9.1 in good condition; but after extensive research, I remain uncertain whether the MMF 9.1 would actually be a significant upgrade from my current table, which I love.  [For reference, but not provocation, I auditioned a heavily upgraded and well set-up VPI Scout a few years ago and found it underwhelming compared to the Thorens.] Both reviews and detailed forum discussions are surprisingly limited for the MMF 9.1,  given how long it's been in production.  While I recognize that there's no substitute for hearing a table in person, I would welcome some insight from anyone who has significant firsthand experience with both of these tables, and can speak in some detail to how they compare.  Please note that I would be replacing the stock Eroica cart on the MMF with a Grado Reference Sonata (MI).  I would be using the same cart on the Thorens.  And either table would go into recently upgraded phono stage and amplifier that will not be upgraded again for several years.

I am particularly interested in the MMF 9.1's ability to simultaneously deliver detailed transients and taut, focused bass.  I listen at low volume levels to a variety of genres, but primarily alternative rock, classic rock, blues, acoustic guitar, and classical.

I am aware that many other turntable options exist, but for purposes of the present discussion, I am only interested in a direct comparison of these two tables.

Thanks, in advance for your help.

I've had the following turntables in the last 5 years: Music Hall 5.1 se, Project xpression III, Rega P3, P5, RP6 and RP8 with about 14 different cartridges priced all the way up to $1280  including  MMs and MCs. I now have a restored Thorens TD 150 and 160, and both beat any of the other  more modern TTs in my opinion. BothThorens TTs have Jelco tonearms, which make cartridge swapping a snap. The $1280 cart. is an Ortofon cadenza red; my most expenive MM is a Clearaudio Virtuoso.
Thanks, boofer,

Your experience would seem to bear out my own sense of how far up the MMF/Pro-ject lines I would like need to go to find a significant improvement over the TD 160.