Interesting priorities

I saw this picture in the newspaper today. These unfortunate people were part of a group of 11 homes in Ashland, OR that were overcome by a wild fire. I want you to notice what the man is carrying.

I'm guessing the speakers were too big to carry, so he saved what he could.

Didn't he have a car he could have just loaded up?

I think I would have been focusing on whatever the young
child behind him with what appears to be his wife needed.

Insurance would allow you to get new amps and stuff.
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I had to run in to my home while it was on fire,grabbed my smokes and photo album,did not get a chance to go in again,you grab what you can with what little time you have!Hard to see in a house full of smoke and fire!
WOW really cool photo.. most folks wouldn't have a clue what he was carrying...
Looks like a Macintosh amplifier. Clearly visible heat sinks and huge rail caps. That thing has a priority of being carried away. Probably weighs around 120lB...
I advise all goners who may find themselves in a similar situation to leave it all behind. Insurance will give you a new start, or call it a forced upgrade. The fun starts all over again. Of course we all have video inventories stored in off premises locations to get the adjuster started.
Insurance won't cover that kind of gear unless you have a rider (usually). It's an even bigger problem collecting insurance if you can't prove the purchase. Audiogon purchases really are hard to prove. I have pics, serial numbers and pay a little more to my insurance company for the excess coverage.
Elevic - I asked my insurance agent if my gear will be covered or I need special provision/rider. He said that audio is covered no matter how expensive. There isn't even a way to enter it (extra provision) into computer.

How do we know that gear they're carrying is theirs?
Already determinrd that it's the pet first then the hard drive: the kids are gone: wifes' next.
Kijanki, your insurance is better than mine. They wouldn't cover anything over 2500. Needless to say, I've got a litttttttle bit more.
Elevick - I should check again. My agent could be mistaken (broker) while rules change all the time.