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Protecting Cords and Cables From Cats
The gf's cat used to jump atop the Omegas and you all know what a cat can do to a Maggie. The signifigant other thought it was so sweet that the cat liked the Maggie color as much as she did. Well one afternoon when I was making some taller stands... 
What is meant by subwoofer room pressurization?
Some say that when a wave is unable to unfold that it 'feeds back' on itself. Thus pressurising the rooms' volumn. I think the frequency is about 150 hz for a big room to 350 hz for a small room. 
REL subwofer High Level vs Low Level connection
Good for both ee types here . My question to add would be. Does an air gap opt affect group delay as E lags for inductor? lbsu me so idk. 
How many got back into vinyl post divorce?
Not intrested in going there. Nor am I intrested in going that way either. 
Jolida JD100A
The big time word writers dont approve of this player. But the survey says,,,, best for the buck. Replace rectifiers with fast switching, tubes with nos and couing caps with PIO; then sit back and enjoy. 
Help me build a nearfiield "desktop" audio system
May I recomend a single driver speaker for listening at the distance or at least a co-axial. 
Listening Chair?
LeCorbusier Petit Tuxedo. Why? Because that guy in the Maxwell tape ad uses it. With Ellen Grey cocktail table. Just cant get my SET to play loudly enough. 
What determines good distortion?
J, I think you are mistaking tube for single ended and ss for ultralinear. An old Pass Aleph does not distroy even order harmonics like an old ARC push pull. 
whats in a name?
Maasiac Signature Reference Parabeliem,,,,,,,,,,mkIIAltos Vectos HomageCrystall Diam Gold Edition. 
A high-resolution revolution?
No professional grade IBM/pc machines? 
How many LP's do you own? How long did it take?
I have about six or seven which is about one 25th of my hi rez downloads. I serv my need to figit and tinker by buying a pet. 
Wadia not correct speed???
Get a third digital opinion. A cheap cd player will do. I would tend to believe more timing errors reside in analog than digital. You can easly prove me wrong. 
Useful Idiots
Iv got a son in law that has to be on another planet when he cranks his toonz. The man turns the volumn of the headphones up to eleven and goes somewhere that no one has heard of. Funny thing is when he opens his mouth to yaughn (or however you sp... 
Modded Jolida JD100 versus SB Titanium HD computer
Wait a minute doesnt Jolida have a small cheap USB DAC? Around 1-2 hundred? 
Modded Jolida JD100 versus SB Titanium HD computer
Wait a minute doesnt Jolida have a small cheap USB DAC? Around 1-2 hundred?