Integrated Amplifiers - Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression

I'm looking for recommendations on a high-end integrated amplifier.  Dealer choices in my price range ($18,000 - $21,000) are Esoteric F-01, Esoteric F-02 or Dan D'Agostino Progression.  Any opinion on these three integrated amplifiers would be appreciated.

My current speakers are B&W 805D4 Signatures.

Thank you.






Wow. So now we’re buying/recommending Hi-Fi gear on the makers political views? I imagine if your favorite US based speaker maker farms his manufacturing to China that’s an automatic “do not buy”? To which I ask - do you carry a smart phone? 

Wh6 are you limited to just them 2 ,they both sound different .

there is a excellent Goldman integrated amp asking around $12 k sells for close to 2 x that  ,that is a very natural sounding top quality Swiss integrated amplifier.

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This forum is for music lovers and those interested in high-end audio gear.  It is NOT a place to air your political agenda aka backstab a manufacturer because they don't match your "political" expectations.  It's not only divisive, but rudely derails the OP's inquiry.  Mentioning after the fact "but you don't have to listen/follow me..." lame excuse doesn't cut it

I believe, it is helpful to know in general how designers conduct their lives and affairs. Having a clear picture of who we support with money and boost the prestige is a good idea. The information, the facts must be correct, of course.