I need help with hum

I've just hooked up a Panasonic DVD A120 to my TV. I've run the component video inputs into the TV but when I run the audio outs to my preamp (a Bryston B-60) I get a nasty hum. What can I do to eliminate this. Will Mondial's magic splitter work? This is my first foray into HT so any help is appreciated.
Hi Jond, try doing a search at the forum main page on "hum" You'll find a wealth of information to help you. Best of luck -
Are you using the five analog outs on your dvd player? Try the digital out.
If you are using a surge protector/line conditioner with a 3 prong cord, lift the grounds on all of your other components that use a 3 prong cord that happen to be connected to the surge/line unit. If you have already done this and the problem is still there, you may still have ground loop problems from your cable/Sat. provider. There are devices you can use that will eliminate that problem. Radio Shack sells them, or you can go to your local Home Theater dealer and possibly pay through the nose for the same sort of device in a fancy jacket. Tributaries makes a pretty good one that is not too expensive.
Good Luck
I am using the Mondial "magic" box and am very pleased with it. I had a similar "hum" caused by a cable tv hookup and the box worked.
To Glen -

Are you using the five analog outs on your dvd player? Try the digital out

Dude, I'm not tracking you!

1) A BP-60 doesn't have a digital input.
2) The BP-60 is a two-channel amp.

How can you substitute a digital link for 5 analog outs?
My Bryston does not have digital ins like a HT processor. The hum definitely seems to be from cable TV, because I initially hooked up just the DVD player to test it with CD's and it worked fine. As soon as I hooked up the TV the hum started. I'll see what I can find at Radio Shack. The Mondial Magic box is $150 on Audio Advisor, I'd like to fix this much more cheaply. Thanks to everyone who responded.
It's the ground on the cable.

There is a bunch of info on this over at AudioAsylum.

The problem is that there are two separate grounds - one for the power and one for the cable. They are often at different potentials which causes current to flow (so you get a hum).

Check the forums at AA for possible solutions.
Here is a link that will help you resolve your immediate problem http://www.hometheatertalk.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/003322.html