How long before they jump on this..?

I shall make a prediction that Galvorn will be the next latest and greatest material in driver manufacturing, superior to all others, and will revolutionize sound reproduction. It will find its way into audio electronics and cables, and dominate all others on an eventual global scale. Peerless, without equal, plucked from the heavens to be gifted to all humankind. Or, you know, not.

Actually it's really cool stuff!

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Scientists discover ‘magical’ material that’s stronger than steel …


That does look really cool carpathian! However it's also describes as "green technology" so half the folks here will hate it. 🤣

Thanks very interesting as is new technology...😊

We will see what it became of it soon i guess...

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It will be interesting to see how this ends up in the long run. There are many flashes in the pan but every once in a while something really innovative pops up.

The stuff is already available for sale at the company’s websites:



Very interesting prospects for this new material but as jond pointed out, half the members here will be diametrically opposed to it because of its connections to green energy. 

The only other new speaker driver material I know of is basalt (lava rock) that Revival Audio uses in its mid woofers and woofers. (akin to green energy as it's naturally occurring).

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Would ,   planar-magnetic speakers ,   be the kind of use , in audio , for this kind of new material ?

Electrically conductive .