How did you discover audiogon?

I was talking with a friend about how I got into the hobby and it started with a Stereophile magazine and then I saw an ad for audiogon. This got me thinking, how did you stumble onto audiogon?
I think I saw it through a reference to Audiogon on google when I was looking for information about speakers I was considering.
Back in 2001 I did a search for "high end audio". One of the results was a link to a page on audiogon.
I heard a pair of Audio Physic Virgo's at Immedia in Berkeley. I could not believe the sound. I did a "yahoo" search and found this place and I've been damned to ever improving sound since!
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Elizabeth - I've missed your replies! Hope life is treating you well and the tribesmen have good hygiene.
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for me it was via web search several years ago...but I didn't actually purchase anything until I found out a buddy had been buying/selling here for a few years.
Audiogon heavily advertised on Audioweb and another online classified back in 1998, I signed up right away since the format was easier to use and it was free like the rest of the classified back then.
Tireguy, how are you !! ??

Where have you and the rest of the original members disappeared to ? (including Gunbei and Slappy) ?
Selling some gear in the local newspaper (2001), how antiquated that seems now. Someone called about it and happened to ask if I had heard of That was it, a daily visit ever since.
I was on the best chat site on the 'net at the time,, with Haoleb etc. and then they went commercial. It was all down hill from there. Audioasylum was too far out back then so people were moving to A-gon. Also, Audiogon had some really bright people (still does) like Sean and Karls.
Heh, if Tireguy can make an appearance, I certainly can as well...

I cannot for the life of me remember how I heard of Audiogon.
Seriously... No memory whatsoever.
Maybe I am going senile at 37.

Like Tok, I don't remember but I may have been searching for some info on Pass Labs.
My stereo dealer told me about Audiogon. I had asked him so many questions that he couldn't answer he turn me on to here. I wonder if he realized at the time it also gave me a place to compare prices.... hehe
I was googling something regarding audio reviews and found the Audioreview web site. While browsing through some of the reviews (I think it was one written by Gunbei) I saw a reference to Audiogon and the rest is history. I've been a faithful member now since Feb. 2002. After just a few years of compulsively buying and selling gear on Audiogon, I ran up more feedback than most dealers and one day got an e-mail from the Audiogon staff that I had to register as a dealer and pay a higher rate. It took a few convincing e-mails to finally make them understand that I was just a pathetic, compulsive-buying audiophile. (o:
I purchased a CD transport and DAC (CAL Delta + Alpha, both of which I still own) off a local seller via eBay in 2001. When I arrived at his house to pick up th e goods, he showed me his new speaker find that he got off some obscure website called Audiogon. He asked me if I'd ever heard of it. "No, what's that?" I asked. He told me that it's a great website for getting nice gear.

That simple piece of advice over the years has cost me more money than this economic downturn has taken out of my 401k. But it's been fun.

I think I was googling and it came up. I was afraid of the concept and wrongly believed that the best way to buy was to buy new. I wish I knew then what I know now. Could have saved thousands of dollars!
I was at Yale a couple of years ago and a friend had a pair of Alon model 1 that he was looking to sell as he was going out west and his speakers wouldn't travel well. I went for a listen, he had a D-K amp and a Rega cd player. I had never heard anything like that in a home system in my life. He had me look up a review on A-Gon and it has been bookmarked since. The Alon's have brought me so much joy the last couple of years. What a great sounding speaker, it can run with the big dogs depending on what is upstream and the Black Orpheus cables (mandatory)
AudiogoN is not something I discovered. It has always been been here and is the soup from which all life emerged. Especially mine (audio wise, anyway).

That's a nice way of saying all my previous equipment was junk and AudiogoN put me on the good path by making good equipment obtainable. I recall it came up on an Google or Yahoo! search.

(This is quickly turning into a gathering of all the names I remember from when I first joined and haven't seen recently. Very nice!)
Around the turn of the century, when I was googling information on audio products, more than often an Audiogon entry from either sales, members' systems or reviews was bound to turn up. I found the discussions mostly included a wealth of information, arguments were matter of fact and the tone (well, in most cases) respectful. And, importantly, the discussions went in one direction at a time, not the continuous split-off of parallel universes at every stage and level of the replies "tree" that even Hugh Everett would have found confusing (please Audiogon, never ever change this).