History Repeating (Certainly an Irony in this thread!)

As a matter of entertainment - NOT argument - let us enjoy some lightheartedness during this time of social distancing. 
My contribution is Shirley Bassey singing "History Repeating", backed by the Propellerheads. And there is a "making of" video as well. Enjoy! 



andysf, wow, you can hear her voice is more youthful relatively, but such power!  Thanks, a neat listen. 

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I always enjoyed Shirley's music. That was an interesting different project for her to partake in.   Funny her confession in that she love's Eel Pie!
Excellent idea and a great choice (historical repetitions of that kind are welcome) ! I propose another, extolling the beauty of this world.

Here’s to many happy returns of spring without pandemic : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3yCcXgbKrE