Help Me Downsize My Travel Rig

I take regular 12-15 hour flights.

My current travel listening rig is a windows 10 pro pc with about 6000 songs, in full res at a minimum, but many in hi res up to 24/192.

I run Fidelizer Pro on the PC and it outputs to an audioengine d1 (gen2) dac which then drives my headphones.

I don't want to spent $1k++ on a "hi res player" which probably won't be able to hold my library anyway.
Do you have any advice on a super stripped-down, small, ultralight Windows pc option which would only be used for storage/player? 


I used to travel with music the way you did. When I bought a Sony WM1Z DAP the sound quality was night and day better, not to mention no need for the laptop, that I have not used my laptop since. I have more music than the storage capabilities of the Sony but that was solved putting the rest of my library on a micro SD card. I also purchased an A&K SP2000 which allows me to stream Tidal and Roon ARC as well. I think you would be best served by a DAP if sound quality is first priority. 

I have thought about selling my Sony DAP and related accessories as I don’t need 2 but I like gear. If you are interested in a deal on an amazing Sony DAP. 


I spent several decades in international travel with portable high end solutions… well before it was a thing. Go Delta Diamonds.

I guess if I was still trying to take real high end audio on travel I would take my A&K SP2000, with the extra integrated battery pack. Small, heavier than a brick. Sounds great.

But over the last ten years what I concluded was that high end sound and travel do not go together for me. Almost all if the time the ambient noise destroys the high end part of the sound and you are left with the attenuated midrange and bass. The only time this isn’t true is in the hotel. But I find I actually seldom listen… so 95% of the time I’m in high noise situations.


When I bought a set of Bose Quiet Comfort on a whim while in an electrons store in Tokyo… not sure why… I was blown away. It is not that they are high end audio… they are not. But the sound is pleasing and comfy and does not get differentially attenuated in noisy environments… and the noise cancelling is incredibly effective against the roar of the airplane. The sound is carefully crafted to be pleasing in noisy environments.


After that trip, I would put them on the moment I entered the airport (no music, just noise cancelling), listen off and on, and take them off upon arrival at my destination. Completely changed my life… for the better. No more bag full of DACs, amps, headphones, simplicity. I can’t tell you how incredible the reduction of stress that occurred in my trips. 

I highly recommend trying it. Your iPhone provides all the music,,, and all you have is the headphone case to bring along. Then when I get home I enjoy my high end headphone system (see my systems) or main system.

I keep 1TB worth of music files in my phone's MicroSD card (or Qobuz streaming) ---> Cayin RU6 R2R Dongle DAC ---> Sony - WH1000XM5 (noise cancelling/wireless) headphones

When i carry a laptop during travel, it is for work. The music stays with the phone. A PC isn't required for me to enjoy high fidelity music  during travel.