Help me choose an integrated amp to pair with Anthem MRX 520 receiver

Looking to add an integrated amp to take my system to the next level for 2.1 or 2.0 music.  After investing in a network streamer, I find myself listening to music a lot more than I anticipated when I bought my receiver.  My gear:
  • Anthem MRX 520 receiver
  • KEF R300 bookshelf speakers
  • LUMIN D2 network streamer
I'm pretty sure I want an integrated amp with bass management unless someone can talk me out of its importance.  I'm considering the new Anthem STR, but that's at the very top of my budget.  I've also researched the Parsound Hint 6, although I like the idea of having my receiver and integrated amp from the same manufacturer.

I have the Anthem STR pre and power amplifier and love them with my Persona speakers.. I hear the STR intergrated is also great. 
I heard the STR integrated when I auditioned my ' phones...awesome piece.  If the STR has a HT passthrough there's no reason they won't work well in that environment.   My Dad has a 520 and it walks all over his previous older B&K pre and amp.  Damn good sounding receiver.
I'd put the emphasis on which integrated sounds best to you with your speakers and that it can drive them effectively (nice speaks BTW).  With monitors and a good integrated you may find you don't even need bass management for 2-channel listening.  But if you want it you can always add it later with something from DSpeaker, etc.  By requiring bass management in an integrated amp you're cutting down your options to a relative few, maybe unnecessarily. 

You should start by identifying what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you and/or that you'd like to improve upon (i.e. Imaging/soundstaging, detail, tonality, etc.) , then gravitate toward integrateds that excel in those areas by reading reviews, forums, etc.  Just because your AVR is from Anthem does not mean your integrated needs to be too.  Best of luck. 
@ron1264 I saw you had previously commented on purchasing the Lyngdorf 3400 on the Lyngdorf thread. Did you switch to the Anthem STR from the Lyngdorf?

I am also considering the Persona 3F for a small room and trying to figure out which DSP system to get, Lyngdorf Room Perfect | Anthem ARC2 | Linn SPACE Optimzation.
The STR Integrated amp will take your system to the next level. I had a wonderful audition last year. Very powerful and a killer DAC to my ears.
Hope this is helpful to you.

Happy Listening!