Headphone for multi-use

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a headphone that is multi-use, like I can use it for entertaining as well as working but the quality still remains. Do you have any suggestions in mind?
What do you mean by using the headphones for entertaining?  You mean just listening?  And why would they sound different when using them for working?  I think you need to be a little more clear about this.  Also need a budget and what you intend to use for power.  Some headphones need a lot of power and a good headphone amp to sound their best.  
I got these for my wife for working at home, but they’re also pretty good for audio listening as well and she is very happy with them...

If you want high fidelity then Focal… don’t know what your price range is. They are easy to drive and very accurate. I have Focal Utopia and a very high quality DAP. But less expensive are good as well. To power from really low power Ultrasone Edition 9 are great. I used them at work and powered by nothing but an iPhone for years.

If your in a noise environment and need noice cancelling the Bose QuietComfort are not accurate but sound very pleasing and are really comfortable. I can attest to hundreds of hours on airplanes.
Focal Listen Wireless I use them with a cable for monitoring through a Vali 2
Very rugged. Got ’em at Axpona for $230.L
For noise cancelling the Sony's are nicer than Bose for me.

I own the M4U8 after Paul sold me at a show table.The big problem is they a AAA and I can't get any rechargables to work.

The Sonys sound better, have a nicer form factor and the Li Ion charge lasts for days. Better noise cancelling too.

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these are such best headphones which for multi use know its on you 

One key question is what source electronics. I recommended Focal because they are easy to drive. If they are multipurpose I assumed you would have different inputs. Headphones like Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser (I have both and love them, are hard to drive). Focal and Ultrasonde can be driven by many different sources. UltraSonde Edition can be driven by an iPhone, most cannot. Of course they sound better with better inputs and power. The application is critical to get the most out of them. 

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