Schiit Modi Multibit

I'm in the process of upgrading my analog system but still like to have a (very) affordable DAC in that system in case I or a friend wants to hear something either from a CD or stream Tidal from a computer or a smart phone/tablet. Almost all my "upgrade" budget is going to the cartridge and phono preamp but I can carve out enough to buy something under $300. I have an old CDP which I'll use as transport.

While looking around, the Modi Multibit seemed like a reasonable option but I don't see much owner feedback. Looks like most folks go for the higher models like Bifrost or even higher.

Anyone owns this model and how do you like it? Or, is there another brand/model you recommend in that price range, new or used?


Thanks for the link, appreciate it. Looks like I've got some reading to do...
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Read through the first 25 pages and pulled the trigger.... seems like a no-brainer given the price tag and my budget.

Just a quick follow up question: can anyone suggest how to connect an iPhone or iPad to Modi for streaming Tidal? I assume it would have to be through the USB port on the Modi but not sure about the type of cable that fits on the iPhone/iPad end.


I would recommend it as well. This because I have some favorable experiences recently with Schiit as a business entity (i.e. having nothing to do with their already revered sound quality of their components).  And coming from me, that's a rave.
Something like this...maybe???

3.5mm male to USB A female plug converter out of your iPhone or iPad

(find better quality if you can)

Use with a conventional USB A to B cable to the Modi.

Personally, I went to an Aries Mini.  The wireless let me get rid of the long USB cable.  The Aries is controlled by the DS Lightning app from the iPhone.
I think that cable will only give you analog out of the iDevice. You should get a Lightning to USB cable.  That should give you bits out, to go into your Modi.  Others can comment if this is correct.

Doc - you are correct. My mistake.  A Lightning to USB cable should work.  Another option would be a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (see link here; supports USB 3.0) that allows charging while the device is connected. You will need a USB power adapter for the charging.  A USB A to B cable will connect this adapter from your device to the DAC.

Thanks everyone for your input. Appreciate it. Looks like the camera adaptor should work. Its female USB output will allow using a regular USB cable to make the connection to any DAC that has a USB port.

As for other streaming options, the obvious choice for me would have been another Bluesound Node2 since I already have one in my main system downstairs but I really don't want to spend the money since this will be just occasional use.

Camera adapter is good, but way more expensive!!

BTW, I use one with an AQ Dragonfly, Onkyo music player app and high-rez files as my on the road music kit.  Not as good as Schiit, but not bad.  Waiting on Schiit to make a similar R2R USB DAC.
I'm kinda in the same boat....I want to see if I can do better than a Musical Fidelity V90  (  for under 1k)...I really thought of the Schiit for 249.00  I own the Saga..and had had a few of their products... I'm a FAN.  My question; what about a streamer with built in DAC?  Either Bluessound2 or the Aires..? This could kill 2 the DAC is either better than the V90?  opinions    thanks   Otto
If I was looking for a streamer, I would think the Bluesound Node 2's internal DAC would be be competitive against any of the external DACs under consideration herein. 

The Node 2 will not serve a CD player as transport however, lacks SPDIF input. Given the budget under consideration I believe the Schiit Mani multibit to be of good value. This based on ownership of other Schiit products, not including the Mani. 

mesch, I think you meant Schiit Modi not Mani. Mani is a phono preamp. I do agree that the internal DAC in Bluesound Node2 is quite good. You’d need to spend several times more to make it worth using an external DAC to make it sound better.

docknow, when you say its expensive, are you referring to the ~$30 camera adapter or something else?