Have you heard Gold Note is increasing prices

Just heard their PH10 phono is increasing to 2k. Ouch
Expect the same from everybody else. Supply chain jams are slow to fix and affecting many manufacturers. I'm sure diverting attention to it and juggling production schedules based on what you've got to build with is creating challenges for many in the industry. 


Understand but a 25% increase! Maybe 10 maybe 12-15%. Soon dealers will be adding a fee on top of MSRP like car dealers are currently doing. For the PH10 not an issue for me b/c I already own one. 
Demand is exceeding supply and more folks have lots of disposable income. The free market is like a slow auction. Look at the price of original Western Electric 300B tubes—it’s not even a case of price anymore. Serious collectors with wealth just want what they want.
Collector car market is nuts to anyone who’s been at it for more than a decade.
It was nice to by PH-10 with PSU-10 from Italy few years ago, without VAT added to the price and before price increased that much. 
@noromance people that are buying gear in this price range are usually not real wealthy, yes the real wealthy with lots of disposable income don't care as much as us who are "getting by" but still are looking for equipment that shoots above its price like the PH10. Just saying.
That is now the norm, unfortunately. Cost of everything is going up and they will be able to get $$. Your choice...
@rsf507 Yeah, I know but the principle at work is the same. Competition has moved from between producers to between consumers.