Has everyone heard the Waif's?

Just wanted to make sure that everyone interested in folk, altcountry, Americana, etc music had checked out the Aussie band the Waif's. I was turned onto them a few years ago by my downstairs neighbor who hailed from Oz. I bring them up because I just threw on their fairly new (2005) live album, A Brief History of the Waif's, and it's so unbeleivably good I can't imagine anyone not liking it. Admittedly I may be a bit biased since I love this band, but I urge you to check them out. Either the live album mentioned already or their studio album Up All Night. Hopefully you'll thank me!
I second Jond's recommendation. The Waifs are from a small town not much more that a fishing village south of Perth, Western Australia. They perform in my home town of Perth quite regularly and are great live.They also have an extended play CD out but don't know the name.

Also check out two other excellent Aussies - Pete Murray, Feeler and the just released See the sun and Alex Lloyd - Distant Light, Black the sun,Watching angels mend and his latest self titled CD.

Good listening.
I also was not familiar with them until recently. I had downloaded a few songs from the brief history disc, loved it and just bought the whole damn thing. If they ever come to my area I would definately travel to see them live.
The Waifs are great...just saw them here in Boston a couple of months ago. Definitely worth checking out, both on disc and live.
Thanks for joining in! It's too bad that it's so hard to get folks to participate in a music thread here. I mean if this thread was about "equipment brand x" there'd be at least a half dozen posts already. Sad but true.
haven't heard them yet, but this thread is a helpful reminder. seems like i saw a favorable mention in one of the british hifi mags about them (maybe within the last year or so?) and if memory serves dylan noticed them and was impressed enough to include them in one of his tours. i put them on my mental list then, but that sticky note fell off the fridge somewhere in my mind i guess.......
They're apparently taking 7 months off from touring, according to their website both sisters, two thirds of the band, are taking maternity leave. They typically tour constantly though and quite a bit in the States so keep an eye out. And thanks to all for contributing!
Live version of Bridal Train is playing in the background whilst I'm browsing Audiogon got me thinking of how spot on your comments were about participation in music threads - I'm a bit jaded by equipment posts at the moment and find myself flicking through CD NOW listening to 30 second bursts of music by artists which are unknown to me. It's amazing just what you will find - I stumbled over another great Oz group I hadn't played for a while - check out "Spirit of place" by Goanna (available from CD NOW). Released in 1982 but not dated in the least.Includes two excellent female singers as well - Marcia Howard has guested for Mary Black and Mary B has recorded some of Shane Howards (brother) music. Anyway suggest you give them a listen.

The Waifs' "Shelter Me" from 2004 is one of the cleanest, clearest, most alive pop CDs I've heard. Quite apart from the music, the production quality is sit-up-and-notice real. The music is expressive and worth the attention to detail invested in the recording, mastering, etc. It's a good demo CD for your system too, when you want to evangelize why hifi is worth a non-audiophile's time and money. It's real music that jumps right out of your system and grabs them by the throat without being an obvious demo, if you know what I mean. Good for expanding the community.

I heard them open for Dylan 2 years ago and the audience was blown away. The band had to do an encore---before Dylan. We had all come to see Dylan of course, but were all disappointed to see them leave the stage. Apparently Dylan likes introducing Aussie talent to the states because when I heard him this past summer, a group called the "Greencards" opened and they were also great.