Has anybody had experience with Jena Labs Haldi AES-EBU digital cable

I have in for review the Jena Labs Haldi AES-EBU digital cable and I'm unequivocally amazed at its performance. I have three other reference level digital cables (Black Cat - Combax Harmonic - Sablon) and did expect subtle differences with the Jena Labs Haldi. However, across the sonic spectrum - dynamics,  spatiality, purity of tonality, how it scales up on crescendos, and its transient speed is at a qualitative higher level.

Have any of you GON members heard this cable in your system? If not, I think you would want to.

Teajay (Terry London) 

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Hey Jerry,

Excellent questions. The person who would be more then happy to answer them, either through an Email or phone call, would be Jennifer at Jena Labs.


"That which is stated without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" -  Hitchins' Rule.

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They're located here in Oregon, so maybe I'll be able to get a home demo. I do know that my Cardas Clear 75ohm digital cable was a clear step up from my Nordost Blue Heaven wire. So I think it is worth checking out.

@jasonbourne71 I really think you'd have a lot of fun trying different cables in your system.