Had anyone listened to Ken Fritz's system in person?

Another article on Ken Fritz.

I know there are some contoversy about his relation with family.

But I am really curious how it sounded.

Are there anyone who had listened to Ken Fritz’s system in person?

If so what was your impression?

I am sorry that somebody could not have taken over his whole system including the ranch if it sounded very nice.




Since I enjoy realistic imaging and dynamics out of Sceana 3.2  line array spaekers 


I could  have taken over his system if I had known it on time.

Taken it over, eh? As in, hostile takeover? Or you would have purchased all of it? You really need to clarify these things.

Friendly takeover under 1 M$.


It may not have been possible.😀


If they had wanted more, I would have walked out of it.



I am pretty sure that the video I am remembering was by Ken F.  In the video he goes through a bunch of his equipment, its inspiration, creation and performance.  At the end of the video he smiles, and relates how at the end of a recent session playing his system for friends, that his quests make him blush with compliments.  Then he mentions to them that the last few songs were being played over his $800 HSU CCB-8 speakers.  Love that sense of humor.



By the time his son posted  auction, the ranch had been sold.


It is meaningless to get his system without the ranch.

Thanks jetter for this interesting humorous  anecdote...

I just read about the Hsu  which are in my budget range ... Interesting ...😊

Then he mentions to them that the last few songs were being played over his $800 HSU CCB-8 speakers.  Love that sense of humor.



It would have been an interesting event, but I'm reluctant to travel great distances to listen to a strangers' audio gear, since you never know what sort of 'phile they might be....

....If you didn't praise affluently over a cart VTR setting.....concerns over finding oneself hanging over a bucket in the basement, " since 'psuedo-philes' are only good for fertilizing the roses....."

O, 'ell...I've just described most of us....🤦‍♂️

Well, so much for invites.....

I recall reading that the speakers auctioned for a bit over USD $10K. No missing zero(s) in that value. Picked up via a Uhaul truck, IIRC?

No recollection of the other stuff’s value(s).

Happens to all sorts of collections that aren’t properly indexed/slated for liquidation ahead of an owner’s untimely end. In cases where a collection is tied to a residential home, I just cannot imagine it going well most times.


(Yes, I know I'm likely going to 'ell over comments like that....

...your concern (other than seeing you there...."HI!"...*LOL*) is if the mismanagement puts me in charge.....)

To answer your specific questions, I guess no one on this thread actually listened to Ken's system. For those who have not heard of his story, the links to the video (from his son's post) are fascinating. 

In that Post article, there was mention that he somewhat regularly had people over from an audiophile society in VA. So someone in that area definitely heard it. But the system kept developing over time, so I think if we consider only the last 5 years or so as the completed system, probably a lot fewer as he was already sick. And $156k for the lot is what I remember.

Yes, I went there

In my Imagination, an out of body experience.

I just thought OP should see a yes at least once.



Thanks for your comment.


I also considered visiting there but by the time I tried to contact him he did not welcome visitor anymore due to health issue.


It is too bad that his system did not get preserved intact.