Gryphon Diablo 300 or Vitus SIA-025mk2 / RI-101mk2

Unfortunately I can’t create a poll on this. I am aware it’s all down to personal preference and system or speaker matching. Nevertheless, which one is considered to be "better" amp, or should I say a keeper that will stand the test of time being capable of producing stellar results with a wide variety of speakers?

Which one will you pick if given a choice, the Gryphon or the Vitus.

Lastly, I heard a rumor about reliability issues with the Diablo 300. Which one is considered to be more reliable?

I’m planning for a retirement amp and will call it a day if I happen to get one of these integrateds. I would appreciate any thoughts and experiences.


Not knowing your tastes, speakers, musical preferences etc, here goes: if you want ultra high resolution, Vitus.

If you like tonal accuracy and musical flow and more power, Diablo.

That said, either of them can drive most if not all contemporary speakers.


On a more personal note, I prefer the Gryphon.

Thanks for the post which is surely useful. A used Gryphon Diablo 300 is cheaper than any of the Vitus integrateds so that's an advantage there.

While each Gryphon model has a slightly different sound, I am super happy with my Gryphon Antilieon EVO. In three years I went from an older Krell KSA150 to a Naim DR300 NAP to a pair of Parasound JC1+s to a Luxman Mu900 to a pair of Audio Research 160Ms to the Gryphon Antileon EVO. The Gryphon sound is a very nice balance between SS and Tube. You have a lovely sound with great bass and lots of resolution, but not analytical. I have never heard Vitus, but have lots of respect for them. Good luck

I was in a simular situation at retirement but I bought the Boulder 866.  Very nice amp.

If you browse thru older threads, there is a member @thieliste, which post I will quote, perhaps you may contact him, as it seems that he had both amps you are mentioning. Here is his post: 

'My ex Gryphon Diablo 300 class A/B was outperformed by my present Vitus SIA-025 Mk2 class A and lately my Vitus was also outperformed by a Jadis DA88S KT120 tube class A integrated.

The Jadis is about the same price as the Diablo 300.

This is my experience in the past 2 years.'

Very speaker dependant but I decided on the Diablo 300 for my Magnepan 3.7’s.

RI-101 mkII, Pass int250 and Dag Prog int were also on my shortlist.

Never heard anything about reliability issues.