Got a message from a "suspended" member

Hi folks! I've been looking for a good used Luxman EQ-500 phono amp (115v US-spec only) and got a message about one from a person that I can't reply to because the account is flagged as "user suspended". I'm assuming this is a warning that he or she is likely a scammer? 


I would like to think so, but in his message that I can't reply to he's asking $2,500 and that's at least $1,500 below any of the legit ads I'd seen here that are closed sales. It seems I got no way of getting in touch to flesh him out.


Move along. Buying online, from a stranger, sight unseen, with virtually no legal recourse, is risky enough.  

I still wish I could communicate just to be sure it's not someone nearby that I could but.

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Priced well below market value is classic scammer bait and user suspended.

I would move on.

Pass. If they really want to sell, they probably would put an ad on US Audiomart. Take a look over there. But it doesn’t sound legit at first glance. 

I went and picked up a near mint, in original double boxes US-spec Luxman EQ-500 on Friday. It was one that had been posted on US Audiomart once or twice before, but a deal fell through. 


The seller was on Long Island NY but agreed to meet me with it at his office in New Rochelle NY. That saved me about another 3 hours of battling NYC area traffic. I spent a total of 5 hours 15 minutes in my car, about $29.50 in fuel, 292 miles round trip to get it, and it's just incredible! Everything I hoped for, but sound improvement I hadn't anticipated.