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Does it have to sound good for you to like it?
Yes and no. For example, the recordings of Robert Johnson or Feruccio Busoni are not easy to listen to.  But for seminal recordings like those, or bootlegs of of extraordinary performances (e.g., Hendrix, SRV, Parker) or rare, or even unique recor... 
Hardware or source materail
  I put paying big bucks for vinyl low on the list, these days.  That isn't the way the wind is blowing.  And even though 45's can sound better, spending even more time cleaning and turning  records over is not very appealing.  And then there's th... 
Hearing aid question
@stereo5 is more or less correct.  Except for the Widex (which has its own limitations, but I might be tempted to try them eventually), aids are not designed for music.  The behind the hear aids for mild to moderate loss are designed primarily to ... 
must you play music to break in tubes
Thanks for your responses, it's helpful.    
Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!
the lack of a blocking feature has been a sore point on this site for a long time.  all you can do is skip over them.  
Can you tell the difference between a $200 and a $200,000 guitar?
There are tremendous differences in the tone of acoustic and classical guitars.  @Kijanki summed it up pretty well. with fine, completely hand made classical guitars, the clarity, warmth and depth of tone are completely different from cheaper gui... 
Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
PMC for me.  
Looking for 50-100 watts of Tube Power (give or take) for my JBL 4349s
A used Rogers High Fidelity integrated might show up close to your price range.  Class A, 112 watts.      
Got a message from a "suspended" member
Move along. Buying online, from a stranger, sight unseen, with virtually no legal recourse, is risky enough.    
Stuff You Tried To Love
con·fir·ma·tion bi·as: noun the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.  
How much does power amplifier really matter comparing to other hi-fi components?
+1 unsound politically incorrect it may be, but “WAF” is a factor, maybe even #2.  some of us have little control over the room, which affects everything.  most of us follow an evolutionary path - trial and error. I would recommend prioritizing ... 
Best Covers
Covers are sometimes superior.  Sinatra could frequently improve upon originals Jimi Hendrix playing “All Along the Watchtower (so good Dylan changed the rhythm it to be more like Jimii) and both JH and Whitney Houston’s covers of the Star Spang... 
Jazz Mount Rushmore
These opinions are mostly biased toward bebop and later. After jazz mostly lost its way.  No one even mentioned Armstrong or Goodman.   
Best Covers
"Come Together" by Michael Chapdelaine    
Recommendation Tube Integrated
+ 1 for Rogers.  I have an EHF 200 Mk 2. It’s amazingly powerful for a tube integrated, all class A operation, so it runs hot and is not easy on output tubes.   I believe that its quality of workmanship is unsurpassed.