Good Amp with totem model 1s?

I am starting a system with some model 1's but I cannot seem to find an amp that I like that is in my price range. I am willing to spend around $1200 if i have to but i rather it around 1000. I do not know alot about tubes but i am open to them, if it has enough to push the totems.
i have used the mcintosh mc201, dk design, and classe ca-200 with my totem model 1's and with my mani 2's. i currently use the classe equipment with my mani's. i had the odyssey mono blocks with the model 1's for quite some time but i liked the 3 above better, more of a warmer sound compared to a more cool sound of the odyssey's.
McCormack DNA-125 or the older DNA-1. Both have plenty of power and right in your price range at around $900-1000 used. If you have more money later, Steve McCormack does very highly regarded upgrades for all his amps.
Avrij, i have been looking at the primaluna amps but i have been warned that 40 watts is not enough for these speakers(prologue 2), what are your opinion on this issue?
I had the McCormack DNA-1 with the Model 1's. It was amazing how a little speaker could fill the room AND have some bottom kick without being muddy.
i would recommend at least 150 or more watts with a very good amplifier (not 150 watts from a yamaha or sony receiver). i used more with excellent results.
I have been looking at the classe CAP 151 integrated also and i have read alot about how they work well with the model ones. Does anyone have experience with these?
I have owned the Totem Model 1 for a year and I understand how finicky they are with amplifiers. Vince at Totem has recommended to me these brands Plinius, Sim Audio, Naim 5i, and Sonneteer.

I used Sonneteer (UK solid state) and I coupled my Model 1 with a Totem Storm and REL Q201E and have good result. The combo can sound substantially better if I upgrade my CD player and interconnect cables.

You will need help from a decent sub like Storm or REL if your solid state amp delivers less than 50 watts per channel or you go with tubes. I have moved in with my GF so I will stick with my Totem Model1/Storm and Sonneteer combo for a while.

This is my ranking of the integrated amp for the Model 1
(Scale from 1-10)
Sim Audio 10 (very good bass definition)
Plinius 10 (very papable bass definition and Plinius separates, they look so cool)
Naim 8
Classe 8
C-J 8
Krell 8
Rogue Audio 7.5
Sonneteer 7.5
Prima Luna 7.0. Tube amps won't be able to extract the most out of Model 1 unless you go with C-J.
NAD C372 6.0 (NAD sounds a bit dry)

Last but not least, you will need a pair of good stands made by Totem or Sound Anchor to get the most mid range sound that you crave.
If I were you, I would get either a used Sim/Plinius/Classe or Naim. With these solid state amps, you can connect to your LCD and have great movie sound as well. Go with CJ if you want to try tubes.

Totem Storm or REL powered sub combined with Model 1 will be a great sub-sat combo that even Totem flagship monitor Mani 2 will have to respect.
The Model 1s are well established speakers and a quick google turned up reviews by Stereophile and Soundstage (I'm sure there are more). Both reviewers seemed to like the tube pairings.

Like Eslaudio and M297904, I too liked the Model 1s with McCormack amps, but that was a long time ago - before tubes touched my musical soul.
Macd, You've probably noticed the Consonance closeouts in the classifieds, but in case you haven't, that Reference 880 looks kind of sweet to me. I do realize it's over budget and some lousy endorsement, but it's all I got - FWIW.
Tubes could sound great with the Totem Model 1, mitigating the harshness of the SEAS metal tweeters.

Personally, I think you want to go with more efficient Totem lines like Rainmaker and Sttaf for tube amps. They (tube amps) are like Victoria Secret models to me, fun to look at but not fun to live with. I like solid state better, cheaper to own, cheaper to operate, and depreciate much slower. But again, it's only my $0.02

Your local Totem dealer are your best bet to determine for you the good tube amps that could drive your Model 1 well.

Welcome to Totem club...
My TAD 60 does wonderful things with my Mani-2s even though it's underpowered for them. I bet it would be a perfect combination with the model 1.

The TAD 60 comes up for sale used now and then for $750-800 and is a bargain at that price.

I'll also second the recommendation of a Rel sub - integrates perfectly with Totems.
the best match I have heard for the Model 1 is the Conrad Johnson CAV 50 tube amplifier. This is the combination I own and I have yet to find a better match for the Model 1. you can find used CAV 50 on audiogon for your target price range. I had mine here for some 1400$ a few years ago and never looked back.
Totem 1's & Mani 2's like PLENTY of power. Which usually rules out tube power amps or integrateds.

I take it you're talking about $1200 for an Integrated? Not that you can spend that much for a power amp, & then more for a pre-amp? If so the the classe CAP 151 integrated used could be a good idea, or used Plinius.

I like the McCormack DNA-1 idea, if you have the $$ to buy that, & also spend, I dunno $1000-$1800 on a nice used pre-amp.
Symphonic Line is a good match. You may be able to find an older RGIII (c. mid-1990s) that fits your budget.
Steveaudio said that Totem Model 1 and Mani 2 may not sound their best with integrateds but that is only half truth. I would rather go with SIM AUDIO I-7 integrated any day than CARVER or ADCOM or PARASOUND or pre/pro.

I emailed Vince and he told me that even NAIM 5I or SONNETEER CAMPION could drive the Model 1 quite well.

The quality of the sound depends on how your amp handles the difficult loads.