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Artists that use the same song structure...
How about the vast majority of contemporary country coming out of Nashville--songwriters there have made "reppropriation" a fine art. Case in point...this revealing mashup on YouTube. 
ISO advice for completing first hi-fi system
A quality subwoofer will also help get the most out of your speakers. The monitors are only rated down to 40 Hz which means music such as rock and hip hop may not have the impact you'd like. Even a smaller sub such as the Rel T5 will do wonders. 
Yet Another Budget Integrated Amp Question
There are a number of used Rega Brio-R for sale right now at less than $600. I owned one for about a year until I upgraded. Very impressive bass and midrange for the cost. The small size is also a plus for those who have limited space. 
Weird Band Names.
"Isn't the name Swingin' Utters?"Oops, indeed it is. And I went to high school with one of those guys too... 
Weird Band Names.
A few other choice punk and new wave band names... -Mr. T Experience-Burning Sensations-Dead Milkmen-Swingin' Udders...and of course, Mighty Sphincter. 
Tubed Pre versus Integrated? $2K USD range.
If your current amp isn't particularly high quality and/or you wouldn't be sorry to see it go, I'd recommend the tube integrated route given that your speakers are relatively easy to drive. In particular, I'd consider the Rogue Cronus which is rig... 
Ambient favorites
Boards of Canada "Music Has a Right to Children" & "Geogaddi"Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" & "Selected Ambient Works Vol. II"Future Sound of London "Lifeform"Nicolas Jaar "Space is Only Noise"Check out http://www.ambientmusicgu... 
Help select integrated 2 channel amp under 1000
I'll third the Marantz PM8004 suggestion. It has all the features you're looking for and sounds great. If you can stretch your budget a bit, or you can find a used model, the Rogue Sphinx is also highly recommended in the hybrid integrated category. 
Cartridge for SG3
I basically have the same turntable and arm combo as yours--a SOTA Comet w/Jelco SA-250ST. I'm using an Ortofon 2M Blue and can highly recommend it. It tracks wonderfully, is extremely well balanced across frequencies, and extracts all kinds of de... 
DH Labs Silver Sonic T-14 Speaker Cable?
The Q-10 has far better bass and musicality than the T-14. I've owned both cables and IMO the price difference is worth going for the Q-10. 
Where to buy tube amp in Osaka?
Why not write to Leben and Air Tight to ask them where you can purchase their products in Osaka. According to the Air Tight Website, there are a number of dealers there (check under the Kinki region). Good luck! 
Two speakers enter; one speaker leaves.
The Lore is a bit easier to drive, but with the amp you're using the difference will be negligible. I drove both the Lore and Lore-S plenty loud with an 8 wpc 300B amp. The Lore is a larger speaker than the Lore-S and has deeper bass. It is also a... 
Two speakers enter; one speaker leaves.
I've owned both the Lores and the Omens. I sold the Omens after six months of trying to like them but never really feeling any magic was there. I kept the Lores for a year and only sold them to move up the line to a pair of Lore-S which are smalle... 
Should I Repair a Plinius 8150 ?
If you love the Plinius, the answer is easy. If not, it might be a good opportunity for a change. From a pure cost standpoint I would consider what you might get for it on the used market as is, add that amount to the cost of repair, and see if th... 
Downsizing my system from tubes to an integrated
I almost purchased the PM8004 but ultimately went with a Rogue Sphinx hybrid integrated which sounded more involving to these ears. If you don't mind a very basic, volume-only remote control, I'd recommend adding it to your list.