Good all around speaker stands...

Hello everyone,

Trying to get back into the hobby and trying to get a small system back up and running. Budget is extremely tight but going to go with the Audioengines A5+ and an old modded SB2 by bolder as my source. What is missing are some speaker stands. What are good all around stands hopefully under 100 that can stay with me as I upgrade my speakers in the future?
Go down to your local yard art store and get some concrete stands. Some of them are quite attractive and can be painted to match your system. They are also very stable and non resonate; I had thought that this was my idea but when I looked on the web found many others doing it, including an audiophile from Italy. My local place features not only many useful stands but giant hippos and gorillas; these must have some place in the great cosmic scheme, even if it is not apparent to most of us.
Pangea makes some pretty nice metal stands that are inexpensive. Audio Advisor sells them.
Haven't seen Sound Anchors for bellow $100 even used. A piece of granite bulk from monument shop might look even prettier than a concrete slab.
The Target stands that audiogoner Jake3052 has been auctioning are very good and reasonably priced. A friend of mine won a pair from him and is very satisfied.

I love my Sound Anchors stands, but they ain't cheap!
Thanks for all the replies.

I really like the Pangea stand and the Target stands are really nice. How do you know what the proper height are for stands? I see 16", 20", 24". Is there a rule?