For nearfield listening: which of these towers?

Totem Arro, Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand, Silverline Audio Prelude. Will be using an SS integrated without a sub in a small room. CDs only.
Thank you for posting Schubert.
Please forgive my questions, but if you would be so kind to answer ...

1. Is your reply based on experience, proclaimed specs, or your knowledge of their physical makeup?

2. By "best bass", do you mean deeper, or tighter/more true tone, or all of the above?
Bass in Arro is realistic and precise with sufficient deapth. I heard ones in 2004 at NYC CES driven by Plinius 8200 integrated. Imaging of Arro is hard to beat by any spekaer you can think of. They simply dissapear.
Somewhat similar imaging I heard from vintage B&O towers that I can't recall the model.
I've also been in Silverline room, but that one didn't leave any impressions back than.
I have owned Bach Grand and Arro, used both in small room, SS integrated and no sub, and much preferred the Bach. The Arro impressed me very much at first, but much less so after a few weeks.
I initially replaced the Arro with the Quad 21L which I also quite like, and still use.
Yes, I've had both in 13x15 room and Silverline bass IS all of above,IMO a better speaker than Arro . Never heard the Bachs.
Preludes do better single not bi-wired . PRAT as the Brits say, is outstanding, they have no faults I've ever heard.
Easy to drive as well, mine do well with 8 tube watts from an Eastern Electric Mini-max 6bm8 integrated.
What about a monitor instead of tower? Something like the Ascend Acoustics Sierra-1? Still, would be nearfield listening at my desk, fairly close to wall, low to medium volumes, and still no sub. Would a monitor be better for this type of listening?
Thats easy, a pair of Totem Dreamcatchers, one of the best speakers ever .
Followed closely by Silverline Minuets.
Haydns seem good spec-wise, but afraid the Dreamcatchers and Minuets might be slightly too bass shy per their specs.
At this point I am actually considering DIYing a pair of single drivers utilizing Audio Nirvana's Super 6.5 Neodymium in their 1.3 small tower cabinets (32x10x10 inches; front ported). High efficiency with decent lows into the low 40's.

Anyone know thes drivers or any drivers from Common Sense Audio?
If you are considering DIY single driver, there is a world of designs out there. Don't limit yourself to just the Audio Nirvana stuff before you do some research.
They are so good you won't even think about it, at least with Acoustical Music.
Today my quest took me to Guitar Center of all places, recommended by a few 'philes for my situation (near-field, desktop listening). I think I may have found a solution there: Adam Audio F5 powered monitor speakers. Of all their powered monitors, the Tannoy Reveal 802 and Adam F5 were most attractive (sound-wise) to me. Very different sounding and constructed speakers, I ended up preferring the Adam F5 in the end. I think. The Tannoy might get fatiguing, but not sure yet. I will be going back there for one more listen to compare. I hate to sound prejudiced, but I was shocked I was able to possibly find something I like in a pro sound store. And for so cheap! Now I’d like to hear the F7 as well.
Preludes are unique in the Silverline range of stuff...only one with aluminim/magnesium drivers, etc. They do sound better single wired, and are a great late night speaker...utterly worth it.
I almost pulled the trigger on those Preludes for sale. But, considering I'd also need to get an integrated amp, wires, and if the integrated does not have USB input (laptop is source), I'd also have to get a USD DAC. Too much gear, too much money. Especially if compared to this setup: laptop -> Halide USB HD DAC (small, no power cord, wires included) -> active monitors. Clean, simple, least gear. BUT, I will only do this if it sounds good. if not, I'l lhave to fall back on something like the Preludes or Ascend Sierra-1s in std 2-channel setup.

Back today to listen to active moitors again to make final decision: which one, or none.
Concern about the Halide - locked into only one type input: USB. Wonder if something like the Schiit Bifrost Uber might be a better option. Certainly more types of inputs, but is sound quality up to par with Halide?
The Halide is great for what is does, but only does one thing, which is all I need for my desktop. At the prices you are looking at, there is fortunately/unfortunately very many speakers and DACs which are very good.

I auditioned speakers at Guitar Center again last night, via my music this time (iPhone 3.5mm output; 256kbps iTunes):

1. Benjamin Britten/ECO/Bach - Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F major
2. John Coltrane - Afro Blue (Live at Birdland)
3. Karrin Allyson - You Don't Know What Love Is
4. Sarah Lazarus - It's Alright With Me
5. Terje Rypdal - Ambiguity
6. Jim Weider - No Exit Strategy
7. Miles Davis - I Thought About You

JBL LSR305 - music sounded as if it was coming out of a plastic box.
Tannoy Reveal 802 - clean, clear, even handed, slightly crisp/bleached/two-dimensional, seems like they would get fatiguing after a while, on sale reduced from $560 to $280 a piece (at GC and Sweetwater)!!!
Adams F7 - texture, grunt, delicate highs, great imaging, slightly recessed mids, no fatigue whatsoever.

If I were going to use these to mix, I'd have purchased the Tannoys. Since these are not for mixing but purely listening pleasure, I selected the Adams (30-day money back). I do not prefer recessed mids, but it was only slight to my ears. And since no speaker is perfect, I need to listen to these longer term before deciding whether or not they actually are slightly recessed, and if so, will it be an issue for me.

I am going to live with these on my desk with laptop as source via 3.5mm output before considering more gear (such as a DAC) and tweaks, if I feel it is even necessary.
Guitar center/pro monitors for nearfield listening is a very good call!!!! You probably just saved yourself a lot of money by avoiding high end home audio gear.
Rockadanny gets the high end audio practical-pick-to-click for the day, giving pro monitors a go for near-field listening at home.
Woo-hoo! Thanks Mapman! What did I win? Ha, ha. I know, look in my wallet. Still see some cabbage. That IS a good prize in THIS field of endeavor.