Florida Audio Expo 2022

It looks like this newer audio show in Tampa, Florida is still a go. I think it’s worthy of my time to go visit. 



Florida Audio Expo


Glory - what makes you say that?   I think the hotel has around 250 rooms or something.   I’m definitely going.   Should be fun.

If you look at the exhibitor list, it’s smaller than the prior 2 years… probably not a surprise. My guess is the turnout will be down some but still decent overall. 

Hopefully they do not allow the rooms to get overly crowded. 

Make sure you’re fully vaxed with boosters, 6 feet apart, triple mask and please quarantine three weeks prior to leaving. We need to flatten the curve for two weeks. We can do this.

I love Florida and the wether is great.

Knock on wood, forecast for next Thur is 83


Should I purchase ticket in advance online now ($30) for both days Sat and Sun or wait to buy at front door each days?

I will fly in Sat morning. Do they sell tickets at front entrance for each days or buying online in advance only?

I had a fun day at the Expo. It is not a big show like Chicago but still interesting and informative and definitely great to have something coming out of this pandemic. I was able to hear more speakers and systems today than I have had a chance to hear in the past couple of decades. So for me it was worth the trip.
Some big rooms housed MBL. Awesome to see in person. The VAC room was a spectacular setup with VonSchwiekert speakers. The speakers threw an expansive soundstage in that large room. Suncoast Audio had a room with the Gaia Vivid speakers. A newcomer in a larger room was Borresen speakers. They auditioned a small 2 way that was very impressive and the 05 Silver Supreme. This is a large speaker that can shake your body. And they did it with Class D amplifiers. Very nice,

I heard a few other speakers and amps that were good but my favorite room was the Volti Audio and Border Amps room. I was smitten by the Rival II horn speaker made in Tennessee. Paired with the 16 W/ch Border Amp they sounded wonderful. Smooth, natural, musical is what comes to mind. Now I get it. What the SET amp with Horns people have always been talking about. I visited that room twice and stayed over an hour. I was loving every minute of the music.

It was a great day for me. I met Jay from Jays Audio Lab. To me he’s a celebrity. So that was cool.