Female spade crimp connectors for AR 2ax speakers source?

I am re-wiring my AR speakers and can't figure out the crimp connectors I need as their sizing nonmenclature is a mystery to me. The tabs on the drivers are 5.2 mm wide and need to accommodate one 18 gauge wire. The original trim pots were corroded so I got aftermarket ones suggested on this AR forum, which require a resistor between tabs B and 2. The tabs on the new pots are 4 mm wide, but they need to accommodate what amounts to three 18g wires. I have found 4 mm connectors, but they will hardly accommodate even one 18 ga. wire. Can anyone help me out with a source or two for these two crimp connectors? Thanks.


DIYaudio is a better place in general for these sorts of questions. Lots of regular builders there.


Crimp connectors are usually color coded for the speaker wire size, and then you have both metric and English sized tabs. The red crimp connectors are 22 to 18 gauge. The 5.2mm sounds like it’s really an English 1/4" (6.35mm) which will give you just a little over 1mm of play. I would consider upgrading the wiring to 14 gauge stranded though, but it’s not really necessary. In that case you want the blue, not the red.

Sounds like you want a red 1/4": https://amzn.to/3GYVhcW

Actually, I am looking for the female connectors from the wire to the tabs on the drivers and I guess the proper crimping tool.  At any rate, thanks for the suggestion.